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Sacred Art and New Evangelization:  
Beauty attracts and Sacred Art attracts, however so few know how to read it.  It attracts because of its transcendent truth and its ability to portray the simple good news at the centre of a great vista of the unity of faith.
How do you paint grace?  How did the great Christian artists of old do this?   These are the questions and answers that inspire this extraordinary program for the New Evangelization. 
Every session is illustrated and you will be caught by the wonder of the faith in the beauty of the artworks, so much so that you will be able to return home immediately and show others the same beauty of the faith that they too may be caught by it.
July 11-13, 2014
Savior Pastoral Center
Fee: $250, includes registration, accomodations, meals
Details: Kimberly Rode, 




Icon Painting Class:  

The Icon painting class with David Clayton offers instruction in painting illuminations in the style of the gothic Masters of the School of St. Albans, which flourished in the 13th century England. 

The class is taught so that each person gets a high level of individual attention and personalized instruction. This allows everyone work at his own pace and level. Each course will be suitable therefore, both for beginners and the more experienced.

If you have already done one of these courses this will be for building on what you already know – you will be able to choose your own image and will benefit from more instruction. Students will learn the traditional technique of egg tempera.

Additionally, the singing of the Divine Office will run through the course, so people who wish to will have a chance not only to sing the psalms, but potentially also learn to do so at a level that they can start doing it at home or parish – perhaps in front of your own icon corner.

July 14-18, 2014
Savior Pastoral Center
Fee: $595, includes registration, supplies, accomodations, meals
Details: Kimberly Rode,