canonizations of john XXiii and john paul II - April 27, 2014

"In all times, God chooses from these many who, following more closely the example of Christ, give outstanding testimony to the Kingdom of heaven by shedding their blood or by the heroic practice of virtues.

"The Church, in turn, from the earliest beginnings of Christianity has always believed that the Apostles and Martyrs are more closely joined to us in Christ and has venerated them, together with the Blessed Virgin Mary and the holy Angels, with special devotion, devoutly imploring the aid of their intercession. To these were soon added others also who had imitated more closely the virginity and poverty of Christ and, finally, others whose outstanding practice of the Christian virtues and whose divine charisms commended them to the pious devotion of, and imitation by, the faithful."

      - from DIVINUS PERFECTIONIS MAGISTER, Pope John Paul II, January 25, 1983   - Read the entire document here

Archdiocese files suit against hhs mandate

The Catholic Benefit Association, representing several Catholic entities including the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas on behalf of Villa St. Francis Catholic Care Center, filed a suit against the federal government seeking relief from the HHS mandate. Read more here.

national conferences at savior pastoral center

Catholic Apologetics Academy, May 1-4. Learn the art of apologetics from Patrick Madrid, Dr. Peter Kreeft and Kanneth Hensley. This is training in apologetics for Catholic adults who desire to live out more effectively those biblical precepts which call us to defend the faith. Download the flyer here.

Digital Church Conference, June 19. For all Catholics who live and work in a digital world - a one-day bootcamp on how to use social media and websites in ministry. Only $50 for a full day of education. And, it's day one of a Symposium on Catholic Hospitality. Register for the Digital Church Conference and attend the second day on hospitality as a ministry for free!

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Friday fast and abstinence

The U.S. bishops are encouraging Catholics to set Friday as a day of fast and abstinence for peace in the world, and for the protection of religious liberties here in the United States. Please watch this video for more information.

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