Participate: Ask Your People to Give

It is no secret that it is difficult to ask people to give more of their time and their treasure. Prepare a step-by-step method through homilies, bulletin articles and parish website information to teach people to be intentional, planned and proportionate in their parish giving. Every family and household already goes through this process when deciding to buy a car or cell phone plan. Invite them to do the same for the parish.


God gives us this divine-human workshop, this world and Church of ours. (USCCB, To Be a Christian Steward, 2013) First a person must develop a disciplined intention to give. Truly this comes from the Holy Spirit. Invite people to pray for the gift of a generous heart.  


The time is never right to do something difficult. Have a focused time for initiating and renewing a stewardship commitment. Ask these questions: Are you making a true sacrifice? Can you give more? If no, can you be more active in prayer? More generous with your time?


What if you received a letter today saying you are about to come into a large inheritance. Surely excitedment would overtake you. And your first thought would be, How much? As believers we know how much our inheritance is - life itself and eternal life in the future. Yet these words can seem hollow because our faith is weak.

Giving everything away, abandoning our lives to God, forskaing all for the kingdom...this calling is for a few among us. Most of us are asked only to give away the first fruits of our labors, only a small portion of what we have. Ask people to make a gift of time and treasure proportionate to their means. 



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