A new national initiative will identify gaps in support for mothers

Life Will Be Victorious - Naumann

This past week at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) meeting, on behalf of its pro-life committee, Archbishop Joseph Naumann proposed a Nationwide Initiative of Prayer, Service and Witness to Life.

A centerpiece of this initiative is for each diocese to examine the resources available to mothers and families who are experiencing an untimely pregnancy.

Through this study of the resources, we are hoping to be able to identify where there are deficiencies or gaps of available support services — as well as opportunities to coordinate better existing resources — so that we can serve mothers and families more effectively.

Our culture often attempts to pit the best interests of women against the lives of their children. In reality, the opposite is true. The church seeks to love both mother and child.

  Walking with Moms in Need, a year of service







Reverse the Ruling

Naumann dialogues with Chuck Weber of the Kansas Catholic Conference and Deb Niesen of the Pro-Life office about restoring the rights of Kansans to pass common-sense, pro-life laws by overturning the Kansas Supreme Court's recent ruling that the there is an inherent "right" to abortion in the Kansas Constitution.

What Happened? 

On April 26, 2019, the Kansas Supreme Court took power from Kansas voters and found—created—a nearly unlimited “right to abortion” in our 1859 State Constitution. Prior to this ruling, through widely supported limitations, our state’s abortion rates had been reduced by 43 percent since 1999 and partial-birth abortions had been completely banned. Essentially, women and their preborn babies have now been abandoned to an unregulated abortion industry.

Because of the Kansas Supreme Court’s April 26, 2019, ruling, existing bans on partial-birth and taxpayer-funded abortions are now in danger of being rendered unenforceable. Furthermore, the ruling allows violent live dismemberment abortions to continue and threatens these lifesaving limits:

Parental consent for minors seeking abortion Informed consent, alerting women to potential health risks 24-hour waiting period Abortion clinic sanitation and safety standards


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The goals for the key initiatives of our 10-year Mutually Shared Vision have recently been updated for 2019.

To view the latest version from Archbishop Naumann

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OUR SACRED PURPOSE: Under our Heavenly Father’s providential care, guided by the Holy Spirit and in humble response to the call of Jesus to go and make missionary disciples, we the Catholic Church of Northeast Kansas are committed to embody the life and mission of Jesus through Word, Sacrament, and Service so that all God’s people in the Archdiocese may hear and encounter the living Christ and the Joy of the Gospel.

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Pope's Prayer Intentions

The Holy Father's Prayer Intentions for December 2019:

The Future of the Very Young
That every country take the measures necessary to prioritize the future of the very young, especially those who are suffering.

Archbishop Naumann's Prayer Intentions for December 2019

  • For a deeper appreciation for the miracle of the Incarnation, that we grow in wonder and awe for God immersing Himself in our humanity so that we could share in His divine life. 
  • That Christmas will be the occasion for many to return to the practice of their Cathoilc Faith and that our Parishes will welcome warmly all who come to Mass during the Christmas Season.

Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann and the Kansas Bishops have released a Joint Statement on Refugees and Immigration.


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