We are saddened by the passing of Archbishop Naumann's mother Louise, who died early this morning in her sleep. Born in 1923, Louise lived an amazing, faith-filled life and brought joy to many.

Archbishop Naumann was able to visit her last night, and they prayed the rosary together. His latest column offers insight on her final days on earth and what she meant to his own faith journey: http://theleaven.org/maybe-god-is-keeping-her-here-not-for-her-but-for-me/

Please keep Louise and her family in your prayers.



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New Foster Care Ministry!

  There is a brand new ministry in our Archdiocese! Prayerfully consider the many ways you might help: https://archkcks.com/foster

GIVING HOPE... that will not disappoint
Please respond with a generous heart.
- Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann

Ways to Give


"Walking With Moms in Need - A Year of Service" - A new national initiative to identify gaps in support for mothers

Walking with Moms in Need, a year of service

Life Will Be Victorious - Naumann

Earlier in 2020, at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) meeting, on behalf of its pro-life committee, Archbishop Joseph Naumann proposed a Nationwide Initiative of Prayer, Service and Witness to Life.  A centerpiece of this initiative is for each diocese to examine the resources available to mothers and families who are experiencing an untimely pregnancy.  Through this study of the resources, we are hoping to be able to identify where there are deficiencies or gaps of available support services — as well as opportunities to coordinate better existing resources — so that we can serve mothers and families more effectively.  Our culture often attempts to pit the best interests of women against the lives of their children. In reality, the opposite is true. The church seeks to love both mother and child.



The goals for the key initiatives of our 10-year Mutually Shared Vision were updated in 2019.

To view the latest version from Archbishop Naumann

Please click here (Mutually Shared Vision) 

OUR SACRED PURPOSE: Under our Heavenly Father’s providential care, guided by the Holy Spirit and in humble response to the call of Jesus to go and make missionary disciples, we the Catholic Church of Northeast Kansas are committed to embody the life and mission of Jesus through Word, Sacrament, and Service so that all God’s people in the Archdiocese may hear and encounter the living Christ and the Joy of the Gospel.

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Protecting God's Children
How to Report Abuse

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Financial Fraud
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Pope's Prayer Intentions

The Holy Father's Prayer Intentions for September 2020:

Respect for the Planet's Resources
We pray that the planet's resources will not be plundered, but shared in a just and respectful manner.

Archbishop Naumann's Prayer Intentions for September 2020

  • For God’s blessing upon our Catholic School students, parents and educators that our students develop their gifts and talents to glorify God, and that students deepen their friendship with Jesus.
  • For the unemployed, that they can find work allowing them to use their gifts and talents for the glory of God as well as to provide for their material needs and needs of their families.

For information on the Archdiocese’s response to the church’s sexual abuse crisis please click the link below:

Substantiated Allegations of Clergy

Support Group for Victims/Survivors of Sexual Abuse

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