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Ceridian Tax Service/CTS Contact information:
CTS handles Federal, State & City tax filings and Emails receipts to locations for each pay period that indicate tax amounts have been set aside for payment. 

Ceridian Tax Help Desk:
CTS Helpdesk Phone - 800-859-6236
Angel.Madrid@Ceridian.com  or  HelpDesk@Ceridian.com

Reference your 4 digit TSID - on top of your Payroll Summary Report, next to your Federal ID,

Source Tax On-line:
Source Tax On-line Instructions
SourceTaxOnLine web site link
SourceTaxOnLine web site link for locating reports


Special Requests:

Stop Pay: (Complete the Stop Pay Form in Documents above)

 Human Resources Staff

Michele Kooiman
(913) 647-0328

Benefit Specialist:
Maura Dodson
(913) 647-0362

Disability & Retirement
Patty Billinger
(913) 721-1578

Personnel Policies:
Michelle Scheibner 
(913) 647-0311

Fax #
(913) 721-2680  

Accounting Dept. Staff

Director of Accounting
Beth Coleman
(913) 647-0305

Sr. Accountant (Investments)
Peg Ellington
(913) 647-0382

Accounting Manager
Janet McGraw
(913) 647-0304

Accountant (Deposit & Loan, General Ledger)
Helen Reese
(913) 647-0359

Cash Receipts Specialist
Tom Winkelbauer
(913) 647-0360

Cash Disbursements Specialist (Payroll & Accounts Payable)
Mel McCarthy
(913) 647-3068

Accounting Specialist
Thao Nguyen
(913) 647-3050