Accounting Office

The Accounting Office performs all the accounting functions for the Church Offices, the Deposit and Loan Fund, the Catholic Foundation of Northeast Kansas, and the PSM Endowment Fund. The parish assessments and national collections are also recorded through this office.

Accounting Dept. Staff
Director of Accounting
Beth Coleman
(913) 647-0305

Sr. Accountant (Investments)
Peg Ellington
(913) 647-0382

Accounting Manager
Janet McGraw
(913) 647-0304

Accountant (Deposit & Loan, General Ledger)
Susan Harrington
(913) 647-0359

Cash Receipts Specialist
Tom Winkelbauer
(913) 647-0360

Cash Disbursements Specialist (Payroll, Accounts Payable)
Shannon Pennington
(913) 647-3068

Thao Nguyen
(913) 647-3050