Pastoral Planning
Topeka Region

January 17, 2014

Director of Communication & Planning

The Reid Group consultants:

John Reid

Karen Castellon


Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas

12615 Parallel Parkway

Kansas City, Kansas 66109


Core Team Update #5


Dear Core Team Members:


As an aid to your work in the coming weeks, we are providing you with a one-page timeline  with all the relevant tasks and dates.  


The next phase of the planning process will begin with Cluster training on February 6 at St. Matthew parish in Topeka at 7 p.m. At that time, each parish core team secretary will bring a copy for everyone on their Cluster team of:  their Parish Evaluation (short or long form), their Parish Summary Report, and their Data Verification form.  If you have any questions about what will be needed for the Cluster training, contact John Reid or Karen Castellon.


During the Cluster phase, you will be working with a number of forms, leading up to the Cluster Suggestions that will go to the Planning Commission. All the forms that you will be working with in the Cluster phase have been posted as individual Word documents on the archdiocesan web site:


For your information . . .

Here are a few updates for your information:


  1. Parish facilitators are ready to assist your team in facilitating core team meetings, parish town hall gatherings and more.  These talented men and women can also help you prepare meeting agendas if you wish.  There is no cost to you for this service.  Please call or email  one of the Reid Group consultants (contact information at the left) to make the necessary arrangements.
  2. Continue to communicate with your parishioners about the planning process, using regular bulletin announcements.  Sample announcements can be found beginning in Section II, page 78 of 82.  Please adjust the content to your own situation.
  3. Some of you have asked if there is a sample flyer or bulletin insert that can serve as a template for announcing Town Hall meetings. We don't have a template per se, but we do encourage you to be as creative as possible. We can offer a sample agenda for the meeting as well as share Power Point slides you may find useful. 
  4. If you would like to have a facilitator for your Town Hall meeting, please contact Karen or John at the Reid Group and they will arrange a local Kansas based facilitator to attend and help you accomplish your goals.  



Thank you again for all your good work. Please do not hesitate to call on one of your Reid Group team members if you have questions.




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