Christ's Peace House of Prayer
"My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples." ~ Isaiah 56:7

Volunteer Opportunities at Christ's Peace House of Prayer

Christ Peace House of Prayer provides a place to withdraw from the busyness of life, into a space where one is able be still and draw closer to God.   It is a grace to be able to provide this environment, especially in the world we live in today where so many people have lost touch with the “one thing necessary” (Luke 10:42).  Our retreat center operates on free will donations which is why we are asking for your help.  Our doors are open to all.  We simply ask our guests for a donation for the expenses of running the retreat center according to the means of each individual.  Your help with the following would be much appreciated.

Material Needs
3/4" or 1" Screened Gravel: 10 truckloads
Culvert: 18"-2' dia. / 16' long
Exterior Wood Paint: 20 gallons
Golf Cart or Gator with Utility Bed
Culvert: Dia. 18"-24", Length 16'
HVAC Units
Sofa beds (3)
24" Aero Beds (3)
Phone Wire
A Vertical Murphy Bed


Would you or your group be interested in coming out to help us with any of the following maintenance work?  Do you belong to a Knights of Columbus Group that could sponsor a project?  Are you a Life Scout looking for an Eagle Scout Project?  Are you recently retired and would like to continue to use your gifts to build his kingdom?  Contact us about how you would like to help.  Ask about scheduling a working retreat.


  • Remove and Rebuild landing platform at Guest Wing NE Exit
  • Install New Flooring at the Hermitages
  • Install flooring at T.H. kitchen
  • Run new phone lines in the main building and disconnect the old telephone system
  • Repair exterior windowsill at Gift Shop west window
  • Reattach siding at CY#3 and touch-up paint south side of garage
  • Demolish Shed
  • Repair Fences around the Lagoons
  • Make benches for the back woods
  • Put mileage markers in the deep woods
  • CY RM #3:Install a privacy partition
  • CY RM #3:Drywall the water heater closet
  • Willow:  Install a new floor - waterproof laminate flooring
  • Sunset:  Install a new floor - waterproof laminate flooring
  • Replace fence posts and the entrance


  • Repaint Exterior of the Cabins
  • Paint and Caulk the Interior of the Hermitage, Willow
  • Repair and Paint Ceiling in the Annex Hallway
  • Stain Exterior Chairs EG, WB, Tea House
  • Paint exterior of garage window
  • Sand and stain desk top in CY2
  • Powerwash and restain decks at CY1 an CY2
  • Repair drywall and paint shower #2 in guest wing
  • Stain decks installed in 2019: TreeHouse, Stone Creek
  • Caulk and paint windows at the hermitages
  • Repaint windows along the south window wall of the Main Building


  • Place gravel on the path to the Our Lady Shrine


  • Rack Leaves (Around Main Building, St. Isidor Shrine, St. Francis Shrine)
  • Place Mulch (Around Main Building, St. Isidor Shrine, St. Francis Shrine)
  • Pull/Spray for weeds- Trumpet Vines
  • Pull weeds in the courtyards and around the main building
  • Pull weeds at St. Francis Shrine
  • Plant seeds
  • Gather dried seeds and clean out flower beds
  • Cut down the tree stumps at the trail around the pond
  • Clear the trails in the deep woods
  • Dredge the small ponds around the main building
  • Spring Clean-up and Remulching
  • Replace the earthen stairs at the west entrance of the deep woods
  • Remove dying bushes in entrance courtyard and replace with new
  • Dig out rocks and create a better walk way down to the creek in the back woods

There is always a need for an extra hand to help with specific cleaning projects!


  • Would you be interested in helping us contact organizations within the church to share our mission?
  • Do you have computer and office skills?  Would you consider giving of your time to help with light office work on a bi-monthly basis?
  • Are you hosting an event and need raffle gifts for your fundraiser?  Contact us about receiving a complementary weekend retreat for your raffle. 


  • Are you skilled in Grant Writing?  We could use your help to write grants for money to complete our maintenance work.
  • Do you have connections to material suppliers?  Are you able to help us in procuring materials to complete our maintenance items?




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