Dayforce utilizes short MyPath training videos. Print the guide below with the list of videos a user needs to view to understand Dayforce. Access MyPath training from within the Dayforce System, but clicking on the ? in the upper right corner of the screen.
Silverlight is required to be downloaded for Location Administrators & Managers to use Dayforce 

Dayforce Employee and Manager Training:  
Employees will need log-in information from their managers to access the on-line training videos.

Dayforce New Employee Guide (with Screen Shots) 05/2018

Dayforce Manager Guide (with Screen Shots) 05/2018 (Complete the Employee training first)

Employee Password Reset - Employee guide on how to set up

Additional Training:
Employee MyPath Video Training Guide 05/2018
Manager MyPath Video Training Guide 05/2018 (Complete the Employee Training first)


 Human Resources Staff

Michele Kooiman
(913) 647-0328

Benefit Specialist:
Maura Dodson
(913) 647-0362

Disability & Retirement
Patty Billinger
(913) 721-1578

Personnel Policies:
Michelle Scheibner 
(913) 647-0311

Fax #
(913) 721-2680