Short Term and Long Term Disability

Information for Location Administrators:  (Scroll down for employee Information; employee handouts at the bottom of this web page).

If this is a work-related injury, it must be reported as a Workers Compensation Claim. See the "Workers Compensation" Link on the left. Disability leave is approved based on medical related recommendations from an employee’s doctor that the employee should not be at work.  The employee will need a Doctor's release to return to work part-time or full-time. Their Medical information is strictly confidential. 

The location administrator should receive an Email from the Chancery regarding an employee claim, after it is called in.  The email includes step by step instructions.  If you did not receive this email please contact Tamara Long.  For current employee forms, scroll to the bottom of this web page.

Short Term Disability Administrator steps

For all employees, try to get as much decided and set up before the disability begins as is possible.
Be sure the employee understands that standard disability policies do not pay 100% of their salary.  67% of their gross salary is provided as a weekly benefit up to a max of $500.00 a week.  

BENEFITS: Communicate what the employee will owe for benefits during the disability.

    • Best practice is to ask the employee to prepay their benefit premiums before or during the disability or leave, however the employee must be given the option to pay the benefit premium later if needed. Increased deductions can be taken from the employee's pay before the disability begins.

      It is helpful to give the employee a notice that shows an estimate of what Hartford will pay each week and what needs to be paid for benefits. Be sure to state "Estimate" on the notice. 
      After the 12 weeks/60 days of FMLA leave the employee is responsible for both the employee and employer portion of benefit premiums.  Contact Maura Dodson  to set up the 100% employee premiums.

    • To stop 401K voluntary contributions - the employee will need to login to Paylocity/Enterprise Benefits/All Other Life Events/ 401(k) Change

      The 401k voluntary contribution can be re-enrolled in Paylocity anytime after the emloyee returns to work.

    • FSA Contributions only benefit an employee when the contribution is deducted from payroll, as it reduces their taxable wage. However, if the employee is not receivng pay through payroll during disability, there is nothing to reduce.  An FSA contribution should be prepaid from payroll before the disability or stopped until the employee returns and receives pay from your location again. They can then increase their contributions or make a catchup contribution.  

    • WARNING: If an employee takes an unpaid day off before their disability begins, not covered by vacation or sick pay, and not listed as FMLA leave, their disability claim will NOT be paid out by The Hartford. Time off before a disability must be a covered absence.

Information for Employees:

All full time employees have Hartford short term disability insurance coverage and should call The Hartford at the toll free number listed on the Hartford Claim Form, (below) to begin a claim, if a doctor determines they should not be at work for an extended period of time. Privacy laws require the employee to be the contact with Hartford throughout this process.  An employee covered by the Hartford Basic Life and Disability package who is anticipating a hospital stay, medical procedure, birth of a child, or other condition that will render them unable to work should apply for disability benefits before the event, if possible. 

The disability begins on the day the Doctor states the employee has a disability and should not be at work.  The starting date for a disability is always the date of the actual disability.  The starting date cannot be changed. There is a 7 calendar day/5 work day waiting period beginning with the disability date before payments begin. During this one week waiting period, accumulated leave time is required to be used by the employee if they have sick, personal, PTO and/or vacation days accrued.  After the one week waiting period, if the employee has additional accumulated personal leave remaining, they can supplement their weekly Hartford benefits with an additional 33% weekly from their leave, not to exceed 100% of their pay.  The supplemental pay from accrued leave days is an option after the one week waiting period for teachers. 
BENEFITS: The employee should continue to pay (or save to pay later) their portion of their employee benefits for the first 12 weeks of disability. After 12 weeks of FMLA the employee is responsible for both the employee and employer portions of their benefit premiums. If the employee is working at two Archdiocese locations, the primary location should report the gross weekly pay as the total gross weekly pay form both locations to Hartford so the employee receives the correct benefit. Contact the disability specialits at the Chancery for assistance.

Additional Information for Location Administrators:

FMLA: The Employer should check on FMLA eligibility  (Federal Family & Medical Leave Act) and provide the FMLA forms to the employee. FEDERAL LAW requires FMLA paperwork be completed by the employee, the employer and the health care provider. The Physician's Certification form is especially important and can affect the approval of the medical disability as it continues.  FMLA forms are at the bottom of this page. Completed forms are required to be filed at your location in a file separate and away from the employee's personnel file.  Do not count holidays or breaks during disability as FMLA leave time.  If the employee has a summer disability and  has a teacher's contract, FMLA does not need to begin until the teacher is missing on-site work days.  

Hartford will email a First Notice of Claim Notice to the location after an employee has called in and started a claim.  

Hartford will send Daily Activity Reports with coverage dates & changing information to locations via email.  Keep these reports & notices in a disability file, separate from the employee file.

Hartford Short Term Disability pays 67% of the employee’s weekly salary to a maximum of $500 after a one working-week waiting period for a maximum of 12 weeks.  After 12 weeks, the employee will be evaluated for Long Term Disability,

You as the Employer can track the employee claim and the disability payments on the Hartford web site:

    • Use your Hartford User ID - 1st initial & last name & your Password to log on . 
    • Click the "Reports" tab at the top
    • Select "Generate Reports"
    • Select "Disability Transaction Detail"  click Start
    • Enter dates and run the report - after a couple of minutes you will see Status "Processing" change to "Complete" and you can view the PDF or Excel report and save to your computer. 
    • To get the gross total of the Hartford benefits paid to the employee, add the totals for "Taxable Benefit" + "Non-Tax Benefit".

You can also click "Claims" on the Home page and type in the employee's name to view other claim details.  Be sure to note gross pay instead of net pay when recording total pay from Hartford.   IF YOU ARE WORKING WITH TEACHERS OR OTHER CONTRACT EMPLOYEES, the Remaining Salary spreadsheet no longer applies as of 01/01/2019. Normal salary payments should restart when the employee returns to work.  

It is MANDATORY to get a doctor's release form from the employee, that gives the employee medical permission to return to work part time or full time.  File this with the FMLA paperwork.  Be aware that an employee returning from a disability may not be at 100% of his or her previous capability for a while.

Types of employee leave and weekly tracking (click here) 

Part time work while on disability: If the employee receives permission from their doctor to work part time; Hartford does not require that an employee work at the location.  They could work from home, this would be up to the employee's manager and any restrictions/limitations placed by the treating physician. In order to continue to qualify for STD or LTD, the employee must earn less than 80% of pre-disability earnings. The Hartford claim analyst will work with the employee to obtain pay records, (each week during STD or each month during LTD), in order to ensure the disability benefits are calculated correctly. During part time work the Hartford benefit would be pro-rated/reduced by employer pay. 
For salaried employees, the employer can reduce the employee's salary for part time work after a disability per the Department of Labor. This would be a policy that would need to be documented at the location and applied consistently to all employees. If the employer decides to reduce the employee salary, an hourly rate would need to be determined for hours at work and this policy would need to be documented.   

Contract Employees remaining salary after disability or leave of absence - The Remaining Salary Calculation has been discontinued effective 01/01/2019.  This policy had been in place to offset contract pay for hours not worked that were not covered by Hartford, sick or personal leave. The reduction was to help pay for long term substitute teachers. 

Contract employees with a summer disability - For contract employees paid 12 months who also have Hartford Disability coverage; If the disability leave occurs during the summer and the employee is on summer break, the claim can be called in as usual.  Hartford will pay 67% of the employee’s weekly salary during the summer (to a max of $500 a week); you should pay the remaining 33%  from payroll. (the additional 33% should not be deducted from sick or personal leave or the employee's accrued time off).  The employee is not required to make a claim during the summer.

WARNING: If an employee takes an unpaid day off before their disability begins, not covered by vacation or sick pay, and not listed as FMLA leave, their disability claim will NOT be paid out by The Hartford.

Be Aware:  Delays by Hartford in approving a claim are often due to medical information that is not provided on a timely basis by a doctor or employee authorizations and releases that are not completed.

Disability payments cannot be received if the employee is receiving workers compensation payments. Any additional income (SSI, Pension, etc.) will offset disability income. 

Long Term Disability:

LTD changes the benefit to 50% of the employee's gross pay to a maximum of $3,000 a month. If the employee wants personal taxes withheld from benefits they must complete a tax form (at the bottom of the screen). Be sure to click the link above regarding Types of Leave and Weekly Tracking for considerations on the duration of the leave and benefit coverage.

Employee Handouts:

How to File a Disability Claim

How Disability Leave Works 

Tax Forms for STD - to be submitted to Hartford

401k Contributions - Remind the employee that Voluntary Contributions can be stopped during disability. The employee should login to Paylocity/Enterprise Benefits/ All other Life Events/401(k) change to update voluntary contributions.  Voluntary Contributions can be restarted at any time.

FMLA - Be sure to give the employee the FMLA forms (column on the right); 1-Fact Sheet, 2-Leave Request form & 3-Physician's form.

Additional Maternity & Paternity Forms:

Maternity Leave (Employee Handout) 2020

Federal Fact Sheet for Nursing Mothers returning to work.  

Sample DIsability Letter from Employer to Employee (Optional) - downloads in Microsoft WORD format to edit 

Hartford CONTACT Information 

To File a Claim: (800) 898-2458

Group #206488
Customer Service:  (800) 523-2233
Employee Website:
Employer Website:
Userid: first initial & last name (no spaces)
Password: Contact Hartford Representative, (contact info below) if you need a new password. 

Hartford Life Insurance Beneficiary Form 

Hartford Disability Booklets & Value Added Benefit Brochures for Employees  

Hartford Representative:

Donnie Caillouet, GBDS
eFax 866-521-6375
Regional Account Manager
7400 College Blvd, Suite 500
OP KS 66210 

FMLA forms

Important - Be sure to get FMLA forms completed as soon as is reasonable.
Incomplete or incorrect information & dates can affect eligibility of employee leave & benefits.
FMLA forms are not sent to Hartford. FMLA forms should be filed at your location separate from the normal employee file with any other medical or private information.

Employee & Doctor FMLA Forms:

1. FMLA Fact Sheet  or  FMLA Fact Sheet/Guide (Spanish)

2. FMLA Leave Request Form (for the employee)
3. Physicians Certification of Employee's Health Condition  (for the doctor) 
Physicians Certification of the Family Member's Health Condition 

Employer Forms for the employee:
4. FMLA Employer's Notification of Eligibility - Required to be given to the employee within 5 days of Employee request for FMLA leave
FMLA Employer's Response - FMLA Designation Notice - Required to be given to the employee within 5 days of receiving Physicians Certification

Employer's FMLA Forms:
1. Federal FMLA Fact Sheet for Employers regarding Employer notification requirements

Month at a glance calendar - may be helpful to print & chart employee FMLA & disability leave days, payroll pay, sick or vacation pay used, and benefits & premiums due. Enter month & Year and click Download PDF Calendar & Print.