"For I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” Matthew 25:31-46

News on DACA

With deadline struck down by courts, what's next for DACA?

Action Alerts

The fate of nearly 1.8 million Dreamers remains uncertain.  Every day that passes without a solution is a day where DACA youth fall out of status and lose their ability to go to school, serve in the military, and work legally.  We need you to ACT NOW! 

Follow the link below for the latest legislative information and action alerts.  Please share with friends and family to encourage them to act as well.

Urge Lawmakers to Work Together for an Immediate Solution for Dreamers 


Advocacy Resources

Justice for Immigrants has developed a  Family-Based Immigration and Dreamer Toolkit. Inside you will find social media examples, family immigration backgrounder, prayer resource, a postcard and a draft Catholic leaders letter to elected officials





Click HERE for Archbishop Naumann's recent letter for the support of Dreamers.


Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann and the Kansas Bishops have released a Joint Statement on Refugees and Immigration.


Click HERE for English.   

Oprima AQUÍ para Español.


For more information, contact the Kansas Catholic Conference.


Pope's Prayer Intentions

“I know that many people help you, and that there are people who don’t want you,” Pope Francis said, before sharing that he too is the son of immigrants, and had it not been for the fact that someone helped his father when he arrived in Argentina at the age of 22, “I wouldn’t be here today.”



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