Benefit Guides

- New Employees should enroll in Benefits within 31 days of their start day through Dayforce; (see training guides below).
- Priests are enrolled in benefits through the Chancery except for 403b voluntary contributions. Priest 403b Link.  Be sure to contact the Chancery HR dept if you have a new priest at your location.

Dayforce is the Archdiocese Payroll & Benefit system.  As an employee you will use this system to punch in & out, request time off, view & print earning statements, access tax documents, enroll for & change benefits and maintain your profile data.

Medical, Healthcare and Prescription Link for Employees 

Benefit Enrollment for New Employees: Within 31 days of your first day of work, enroll in Benefits on Dayforce by logging in and selecting "Benefits". Obtain your login information from your location administrator. Please complete the DAYFORCE  New Employee Training listed below or with your location administrator the first time you login.
Be sure you have also entered Forms information - address, direct deposit, contact details, emergency contact, Federal W4, and Province/State Tax Form.  Click on your Profile>>Security and complete the 3 security questions which will enable you to reset your password in the future. 
Check that your administrator received your benefit enrollment after you enroll and check your earnings statement to see that your benefits are correct and the amounts deducted from your wages are correct.

Benefit & Profile Changes for Current Employees: Select Forms through Dayforce to make all changes

Dayforce Employee and Manager Training:  
Employees will need log-in information from their managers to access the on-line training videos.

Dayforce New Employee Guide (with Screen Shots) 05/2018

Dayforce Manager Guide (with Screen Shots) 05/2018 (Complete the Employee training first)

Employee Password Reset - Employee guide on how to set up

Additional Training:
Employee MyPath Video Training Guide 05/2018
Manager MyPath Video Training Guide 05/2018 (Complete the Employee Training first)


 Human Resources Staff

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Personnel Policies:
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