Benefit Guides

- New Employees should enroll in Benefits within 30 days of their start day through Paylocity. Health benefits are effective the first of the month following 30 days of hire.
- Priests are enrolled in benefits through the Chancery except for 403b voluntary contributions. Priest 403b Link.  Be sure to contact the Chancery HR dept if you have a new priest at your location.

Paylocity is the Archdiocese Payroll & Benefit system.  As an employee you will use this system to punch in & out, request time off, view & print earning statements, access tax documents, enroll for & change benefits and maintain your profile data.

Medical, Healthcare and Prescription Link for Employees 

Benefit Enrollment for New Employees: Within 30 days of your first day of work, enroll in Benefits on Paylocity.  Use the menu to navigate to Enterprise Benefits. Click "Start Your Enrollment." 

Benefit & Profile Changes for Current Employees: Changes should be made in Paylocity.

  • To change your 401(k) voluntary contribution, log into your Paylocity account. From your Paylocity Self Service Portal navigate to Employees/Employee Payroll File/Payroll Setup/Deductions. Click the link for the 401(k) traditional or Roth deduction you want to change, edit the rate, and click Save and Return. 

 Human Resources Staff

Tara McGranaghan 
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Maura Dodson
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Tamara Long
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Personnel Policies:
Michelle Scheibner 
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