Catholic Counselors 

Dcn. Tony Zimmerman works for the Archdiocese of Kansas City in KS.  Feel free to call Dcn. Tony at Phone: 913-647-0329 for more information about Catholic counselors in NE Kansas. 

The following counselors / psychotherapists have solemnly pledged that they are Catholics who follow the teachings and authority of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.  They have firmly pledged to follow Catholic teachings in their lives, and to encourage their Catholic clients to live these out as well.  This listing is not an endorsement of their counseling methods or effectiveness.

Many of these counselors are providing telehealth sessions during COVID-19.

1. William Art, LSCSW, LCSW

2. Diana Luna Camden, MS, LPC

3. Melissa Carrico, LSCSW

4. Michael Ciaccio, MS, LPC, SATP

5. Adam Clement, LCMFT

6. Donna Constantineau, MA, MPS, LCPC

7. Stacie Cordell, LMFT

8. Mary Helen Dennihan, LCMFT

9. Chris Ellman, MSW, LCSW, SATP, CSAT Candidate

10. Will Fernholz, LSCSW

11. Tamara J. Finlen, LSCSW, LCSW

12. Denise Gartner, LPC, SATP-C 

13. Eric T. Gaughan, Ph.D.

14. Francis (Frank) Gerner, Ph.D.

15. Thomas Hornbeck, LPC, NCC

16. Julia Kovac, RN-BC, MA, LPC, EFMHL

17. Margaret (Peggy) Lucas, LCPC, LCAC

18. Liz LaColla, LSCSW

19. Sam Meier, MA, LPC, CSAT Candidate

20. Deacon W. A. "Mike" Moffitt, III, Ph.D.

21. Grace Mulcahy, LSCSW

22. Jacqueline R. Pfeifer, Ph.D.

23. Jenifer Sanger, MA, LPC

24. Dennis Schemmel, Ph.D.

25. Jennifer Schmidt, MA, LCPC

26. Sharon Simien, LSCSW

27. Laura Stallbaumer, LMSW

28. Jill Thorne, PsyD

29. Mary Vorsten, MA, LCPC

30. David Walter, LPC

Many of the above counselors provide telehealth counseling over the phone or secure video for people outside of Kansas City, Topeka and Leavenworth The Website: Pastoral Solutions Institute also provides Catholic phone counseling.

If you are a Catholic psychologist, counselor, or social worker in NE Kansas / KC metro who is interested in being part of this list, please call Dcn. Tony Zimmerman at 913-647-0329.

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