GIVING HOPE... that will not disappoint
Please respond with a generous heart.
- Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann

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Take this as an opportunity to reconnect with your family…

“I think this could really be good for families actually. To kind of renew ourselves and to realize, ‘Do we really need to do all these things that we are normally involved with?” Stepping back from that for a moment, could be a real grace in many ways.“
- Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann



The goals for the key initiatives of our 10-year Mutually Shared Vision were updated in 2019.

To view the latest version from Archbishop Naumann

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OUR SACRED PURPOSE: Under our Heavenly Father’s providential care, guided by the Holy Spirit and in humble response to the call of Jesus to go and make missionary disciples, we the Catholic Church of Northeast Kansas are committed to embody the life and mission of Jesus through Word, Sacrament, and Service so that all God’s people in the Archdiocese may hear and encounter the living Christ and the Joy of the Gospel.

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Protecting God's Children
How to Report Abuse

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Financial Fraud
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Pope's Prayer Intentions

The Holy Father's Prayer Intentions for May 2020:

For Deacons
We pray that deacons, faithful in their service to the Word and the poor, may be an invigorating symbol for the entire Church.

Archbishop Naumann's Prayer Intentions for May 2020

  • For the 2020 College, High School and Elementary School Graduates, that Jesus will bless their future endeavors, help them deepen their friendship with Him and keep them close to His Church.
  • For all those being baptized, received into the Church, confirmed and receiving their first Holy Communion that their love for the Sacraments may grow and deepen.
  • For those suffering from COVID19 and for all those experiencing economic hardship, that they will draw strength from their Faith and that the Church will accompany them and surround them with loving support.
  • For doctors, nurses, and all who provide care for COVID19 victims, that the Lord will bless their generous service of the sick and suffering.
  • For research scientists working to develop cures and a vaccine for COVID19, that the Lord will make their life-saving efforts fruitful. 

For information on the Archdiocese’s response to the church’s sexual abuse crisis please click the link below:

Substantiated Allegations of Clergy

Support Group for Victims/Survivors of Sexual Abuse

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