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Level ONE- Foundation

Getting Started with Couple Prayer

PIER Family Prayer Resource from School of Love

4 Holy Hours for Your Marriage

Level TWO- Structure

Amoris Laetitia 30-Day Email Retreat

At-Home Date Night #1 Looking Back

At-Home Date Night #2 Looking Ahead

At-Home Date Night #3 Gratitude

At-Home Date Night #4 Spirituality

Level THREE- Weather-proofing

Prescription for a Long and Happy Life



Level ONE- Foundation

 Face to Face Family Adoration- First Sundays of the Month at 3:00pm

Level TWO- Structure

 School of Love Date Night- First Thurdays of the Month at 6:30pm


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APRIL 2018

Level TWO- Structure

Every Day in Love Session 4: (Overland Park) 4/21/18

Level THREE- Storm-proofing

Worldwide Marriage Encounter (Kansas City) 4/20-22/18

MAY 2018

Level FOUR- Open House

Mentor Couple Training (Overland Park) 5/18-20/18

Contact Brad DuPont for details: or (913) 647-0301

JUNE 2018

Level THREE- Storm-proofing

Retrouvaille Weekend (Kansas City, MO) 6/8/18


Level THREE- Storm-proofing

Living in Love Weekend (Topeka) 8/4-5/18