There are so many demands on our time, but they are not all of equal importance.  Time invested in your most significant relationship makes all the other business of life more joyful and less stressful. 

Show Marriage and Family Life Calendar


Level ONE- Foundation

Getting Started with Couple Prayer

PIER Family Prayer Resource from School of Love

4 Holy Hours for Your Marriage

Level TWO- Structure

Amoris Laetitia 30-Day Email Retreat

USCCB 2019 Virtual Marriage Retreat

At-Home Date Night #1 Looking Back

At-Home Date Night #2 Looking Ahead

At-Home Date Night #3 Gratitude

At-Home Date Night #4 Spirituality

Level THREE- Weather-proofing

Prescription for a Long and Happy Life



Level ONE- Foundation

 Face to Face Family Adoration- First Sundays of the Month at 3:00pm

Level TWO- Structure

 School of Love Date Night- First Thurdays of the Month at 6:30pm


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MAY 2019

Level THREE- Storm-proofing

Retrouvaille Weekend for struggling marriages (Kansas City) 5/31-6/2/19


JUNE 2019

Level TWO- Structure

Every Day in Love (Olathe) Saturday mornings in June


 JULY 2019

Level THREE- Stormproofing

Worldwide Marriage Encounter- (KCK) 7/12-14



Level THREE- Stormproofing

Living in Love Weekend Retreat- (Topeka) 8/10-11