Imagine winning a contest that allowed you to build your "ultimate dream home" from the ground up... at no cost. Everything you'd ever dreamed of could be in this home. How exciting! You would plan the layout. You'd want a strong foundation, sturdy walls and a seamless roof. You would be so excited to invite friends and family to see it in all stages of work, but especially when it was done. You would gladly invest the time in the project, because the rewards would be so great, and you certainly wouldn't want to let an opportunity like this pass you by.

Luckily for us, the odds are much better in this contest, because all of us who are married have won! Contrary to what our culture wants us to believe, a joyful marriage is not a privilege of some, or the luck of a few. It is available to all of us, if we just invest a little bit of time and energy into making (and keeping) it strong. 

The Joyful Marriage Project was created to fulfill Archbishop Naumann's vision to invite every couple in Northeast Kansas to increase the joy in their marriage by attending a marriage enrichment in 2017.  Using the home-building analogy, we have grouped many different opportunities into four levels: Foundation, Structure, Storm-proofing and Open House. Couples are invited to participate at whichever level or levels they feel most comfortable. 

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