Marriage Minute

Increase your “home” value

 Did you notice the “house” imagery in this weekend’s readings?   What a simple analogy!  Our homes set us apart from others.  Our houses are our responsibility to maintain, and we all strive to create a home of which we can be proud.  Our homes are also places of welcome and service.

 The same is true with our marriages, which are the heart of our homes.  By definition, marriage “sets us apart”, as we choose to belong exclusively to our spouse.  We are responsible for maintaining this relationship much like we have to maintain our house.    Marriages are supposed to be a light to others, too!  A joyful marriage is meant to fill us up so that we can be of service to others.

 To be a light as a couple, consider:

  • Mentoring the engaged
  • Babysit for friends, so they can attend a marriage enrichment or go on a date. 
  • Support a marriage ministry by volunteering as a couple
  • Start a marriage ministry in your parish
  • For other tips, go to


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