Marriage Minute

Are you going through a “dry” time in your marriage? When we feel this way, it can be very lonely.  If this is where you are right now, know that Jesus is with you.

Jesus’ time in the desert was not easy, but he survived it because he relied on his Father through prayer, which strengthened him for his mission.  As married couples, we rely on God through prayer, sacraments and by using all the resources the Body of Christ has for us.  This includes gaining valuable skills through marriage enrichment.  We also take confidence knowing that in every trial, great graces await to sustain us.

      -- To grow in prayer this Lent, try the online email retreat at www.archkck.org/30dayretreat

     -- To grow in relationship skills and marriage insight, try the upcoming Recharge retreat at www.archkck.org/recharge


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