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Art, Beauty and Inspiration
in a Catholic Perspective

This part-time, distance-learning, one-year course explores the beauty and depth of visual art from a Catholic perspective. It introduces the riches of the whole Christian tradition and its continued inspiration in both the East and the West up until the present day, rooted above all in the Incarnation and the Paschal Mystery.

Course Content and Structure
The course is for both practicing artists and for those interested in art, including its role in Christian life, liturgy and catechetics. The course does not presume, nor require, any specific abilities or skills in art. Nonetheless, the course aims to stimulate and inspire a new wave of Catholic artists to create a new ‘epiphany of beauty' in religious art, according to the vision of Pope John Paul II (see his Letter to Artists).

Included in this course is the role of art in liturgy and in catechesis, as well as how artists have drawn inspiration for their work in the light of grace, the daily life of the Church and the action of the Holy Spirit. The course explores the ways that visual art forms can reflect timeless truths and a holistic Catholic world view that can speak to the needs that today's men and women have for beauty, goodness and truth.

This program is characterized by a holistic approach which encourages students to draw together the personal, religious, artistic and intellectual dimensions of their lives into a coherent focus. It aims to unite theology and art so as to contribute richly to each person's development. Those completing the course successfully receive a Maryvale Certificate in Art, Beauty and Inspiration. It is intended that the modules taken will be credit-rated at undergraduate level.