Parents-Falling in Love again

Falling in Love Again: Growing in Intimacy

The greatest thing a mom or dad can do for their kids is to have a vibrant marriage. Sacramental Marriage is meant to be rooted in gratefulness to God for being present to our desire for companionship, with God first, and then our spouse. Marriage, Priesthood, Deaconate, being a Nun or Brother, and single life are all tough in their own ways. Long term commitments shine light back on our weaknesses, lack of commitment, and follow through,  Diets and New Years resolutions can easily be abandoned, but some things are worth fighting for. Marriage, your marriage, is worth going the extra mile for, over and over again.  

Here are some practical action steps that have worked well for some people.  But every marriage is unique, and knowing your spouse will help determine if these ideas will help your relationship.  Listen to each other. Rekindle the flame.  Talk to each other about things that matter as well as things that don't to keep the communication lines open.  God wants close marriages, where conversations happen. Satan wants to cripple our communication with God, our spouse, and our children.  In a battle if you can interrupt the enemies lines of communication, you can really cripple their ability to function properly.  We must fight for our relationships and allow our families to stay close to one another and not be torn apart.








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