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Amanda Khemraj Providing Best-Selling Resource to All Parents of 2nd Graders
BY SAM MEIER, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor
Amanda Khemraj recently started a new position as a Catholic representative for the best-selling book Good Pictures Bad Pictures. This short book is a very effective and popular resource for protecting young children from pornography.  It is a bestselling book on Amazon with over 400 5-Star reviews!
Amanda can be reached to order Good Pictures Bad Pictures and the Jr. version at bulk discounts for churches, schools, parent groups, scout groups, etc. at: or 785-224-6071.  She also provides presentations for church leaders, school leaders, parent groups, etc.
In terms of Amanda's background, she and her husband became parents of two elementary school age children through adoption in 2015.  Prior to becoming a mother, Amanda directed the early education center at Prince of Peace in Olathe with 250 children and 35 staff for 17 years. 
Amanda's degrees are in Early Childhood Education and Christian Education.  As her children get older she is realizing how young children are being exposed at an early age to pornography and addictions of all kinds.  She is committed to giving parents resources and tools while helping them feel more comfortable in introducing age-appropriate conversations to empower their children to avoid pornography.  
Fr. Sean Kilcawley from strongly encourages parishes and Catholic schools throughout the U.S. to provide Good Pictures Bad Pictures to all parents of 2nd grade children.  Over 40 local clergy attended a training with Fr. Sean Kilcawley in the Spring of 2017, and below is an infographic that shows the importance of protecting children from pornography and sexual abuse. Since the average age of exposure to pornography is 8, it is good for parents to read this short book with their children around the ages 7-8.
Personally, my oldest child is in 2nd grade at Prince of Peace Catholic School in Olathe.  Prince of Peace, St. Michael the Archangel in Leawood, and St. Therese Parish in Parkville have allready disrtributed this book to all parents of 2nd graders in both the school and religious education program. I pray that our churches and schools will do everything they can to protect children from pornography and sexual abuse, and that this simple and effective book will be provided to parents at many more schools and churches throughout the area!




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