March 9 and April 27, 2020

Running Revs Basketball Games

           Are you ready for some exciting basketball???


        The Running Revs are a team of priests, monks and seminarians who take on a team of Catholic school young men in a challenging game of basketball.  It's amazing to see our priests' energy and competitiveness as they play hard to score points and play defense. There are occassionally some hijinks as the referees sometimes bend the rules to favor the Revs. Concessions are available, and donations are encouraged which  benefit our seminarians studying for the priesthood. A small silent auction will have some appealing items so bring your checkbook, cash or credit card.


       If you have attended the Pitching Priests softball game you will definitely enjoy this game too. There are only two per season, so plan on attending either:

      Games last about an hour and 15 minutes so school age kids can come enjoy the fun.

        For questions contact the vocation office at 913-647-0303 or email .





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