Office of Mission Strategy


The Office of Mission Strategy exists to guide and assist curial offices, pastoral regions, parishes, schools and various agencies in devising strategies and plans that help implement the Archbishop’s pastoral objectives while advancing the Church’s evangelical and pastoral mission

What we do

The Office of Mission strategy makes use of an extensive collection of parish, school, census and demographic data that can be employed to develop stronger plans that yield better results for the faithful in the work of the church.  By assisting curial and parochial leaders in applying the optimal use of technology and planning instruments and by using accepted “best practices”, church leaders can collaborate more, make better plans, align their activities to the mission, fine-tune their messaging and better engage constituents.

Office of Mission Strategy Services/Functions


  • Develops and supports training and formation in pastoral planning processes

  • Partners with curial ministerial offices, pastoral regions, parishes and other ecclesial entities to implement pastoral plans and to carry out strategies approved by the Archbishop

  • Establishes and maintains schedules for regional pastoral planning cycles

  • Oversees and maintains demographic and trend analysis planning software

  • Promotes consultation and collaboration within and among parishes and pastoral regions

  • Aids planning efforts by providing tools, processes and assistance as may be required

  • Facilitates the Archdiocesan Pastoral Council which advises the Archbishop in areas of pastoral strategy and planning


Steve Ehart
Office of Mission Strategy
Phone: 913-647-0346
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