10 Spiritual Lessons for Discernment

Ten Spiritual Lessons for Discerning the Priesthood

from the booklet: Is Jesus Christ Calling You to Be a Catholic Priest? (For a booklet of these meditations, please contact the Vocation Office at vocation@archkck.org )

1.    Your vocation must come from Christ, so you must encounter Him.
2.    You must learn to desire only what God desires.
3.    You must trust God above all things.
4.    It takes time, but you must keep making steps.
5.    Your peace will be found when you are in Christ.
6.    Fear is always from the spirit against Christ.
7.    God’s will is your will when you are in Christ.
8.    The will of the spirit against Christ is revealed in fear.
9.    When you have discerned God’s will, you must stand firm in faith in what you have received from Him.
10.    Your discernment must be confirmed by the Church.

What to do now?

1.    Go to Mass, daily if possible.
2.    Use the sacrament of confession at least once a month.
3.    Pray daily.
4.    Talk to a priest.  He will keep your confidence if you ask him to.
5.    Read the Gospels – over and over!
6.    Pray three Hail Mary’s everyday asking for Mary to reveal your vocation.
7.    Adore Christ in the Eucharist.
8.    Live a life of virtue.
9.    Always be doing spiritual reading.
10.    Hang around the best people who will lead you to Christ.

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