A Day in the Life of an Apostle of the Interior Life

7:45am Prayer
This is our first appointment together. We can get up at different times:  some of us will exercise early in the morning other will do the meditation or just get some more rest. At 7:45 we all gather in the Chapel for Morning prayer and Office of reading. Breakfast is either before or after prayer.
9-11am The ministry
Between 9 and 11 we have time to schedule appointments for Spiritual Direction. If we don’t have any on a given day we can use that time to study or to go on campus to do evangelization.
11am Holy Hour
We gather at the Saint Lawrence Chapel along with other students and staff members and pray an hour before the Blessed Sacrament.
Noon Lunch
We go back home for our lunch together. We take turns cooking so that the responsibility is not only on one sister. We take our time to have a nice restful lunch to enjoy each other’s company and eat a healthy and balanced meal.
1pm Midday prayer & Siesta
We gather in our Chapel to pray the Lord with the Midday Liturgy of the Hours.
After that, as “good Italians” we have a time for siesta, maybe take a nap or a walk. Each one of us can find the best way to relax and get the energies back for the afternoon.
2-5pm The ministry
As in the morning, this is time to be available for our ministry of Spiritual Direction and Evangelization.
During the day we also have to find time to pray the Rosary, at least 20 minutes of Spiritual Reading and to keep up with ongoing formation. Each one of us can organize her personal schedule around the much desired community time.
We also need to find time to check e-mails, keep up with scheduling appointments, etc.
5:15pm Mass
The afternoon ends with the celebration of Mass. We join the Saint Lawrence community in the Holy Eucharist.
6pm Evening Prayer
We gather again in our chapel at the house and we pray together the Liturgy of the Hour in communion with the Church.
6:15pm Dinner
Dinner is another time for community and sharing. We always eat together the meal that one of has had prepared.
7:15pm  The ministry
After dinner we have one more opportunity for our apostolate. Since it is in the evening this opens up the opportunity to visit the houses of some of the students to speak about Jesus and meet his/her friends.
8:30-10pm Recreation
"how good, how delightful it is for all to live together" (Psalm 133)
This is a time we all long for. It is very nice to be able to sit down together during winter time around the fire place and share about the day, the Graces we received or maybe the struggles we had to face.
At times we take it lighter and we play together or watch an inspiring movie. Once a week we have formation together:  we read part of the charism or a book for our ongoing formation and discuss it.
10pm Night prayer
We conclude our day before the Lord praying the Last Hour of the Liturgy.
10:10pm The great silence
At the end of the day, after much talking and interaction, is bed time! The great silence “comes over the house” … or at least it is supposed to :)

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