A day in the life of a Benedictine Brother


4:45am  rise, morning prayers, cup of coffee
5:25am  lectio divina in adoration chapel
6:20am  Vigils and Lauds
7:00am breakfast in silence
read newspaper, chat with confreres
7:30am  morning meditation in adoration chapel
8:00am-12:05am classes, exercise, study time, personal affairs, Campus Ministry work
12:05pm Midday Prayer
1:00pm classes/manual labor (gardening, mowing, cleaning, etc.)/Campus Ministry Work
4:00pm clean up, personal affairs, spiritual reading
5:15pm Mass
5:55pm dinner with table, reading
6:45pm Vespers
7:15pm study time/recreation/personal affairs
8:00pm Compline
Tuesday: 7:30pm Community recreation, 9:00 Compline
Friday: 7:30pm
Compline, 7:45 Community Recreation
Saturday: 8:00pm
Community holy Hour for Vocations, Compline Inclusive
8:15pm walking Rosary
 8:40pm study time, leisure reading, night prayers, examination of conscience, sleep

Vocation Office

12615 Parallel Parkway
Kansas City, Kansas 66109
Phone: 913.647.0303