A Day in the life of a Sister Servant of Mary

5:00am Upon Arising
At the sound of the bell the following is recited:
V/Hail Mary most pure R/Conceived without sin. V/ Arise, sisters, to praise God and his most Blessed Mother R/Amen Then we recite some short prayers while we are getting dressed. One prayer for every part of our Habit (Habit, belt, cape, veil)
5:30-6:30am In the Chapel
"…our own sanctification and the efficacy of our apostolate depend on our union with God and our intimacy of life with Him" (from our Constitutions #36)
We draw our attention to our Blessed Mother and we recite the Angelus or the Regina Caeli, according to the liturgical season. Then we recite the Come Holy Spirit to begin our Meditation (one hour meditation for the sisters who were not taking care of the Sick at night. The Sisters who are nursing will do one hour meditation at the Patient’s home)
6:30am Divine Office
In union with the whole Church we offer our praise to the Lord (At this time the Sisters who were taking care of the Sick throughout the night join the Community for prayers, but if the Patient is dying they remain with him/her)
6:45-7:30am Mass
"We shall all participate in the Eucharistic Sacrifice, offering to the Father in union with Christ our lives and the pain of our suffering brothers, converting our working day into a continual Mass" (Const. #38)
At the end of the Mass, the Thanksgiving will be prolonged for a few minutes. Then, all shall leave the Chapel in silence.
A chapter from the Sacred Scripture or The Imitation of Christ is read while we are taking our breakfast
7:50-8:20am Meditation for Nursing Sisters
8:30-9:00am Spiritual Reading
"Spiritual Reading is another powerful means to nourish our Faith and cultivate the interior Life" (Const. #42)
For a Servant of Mary silence shall be a constant norm "the search for intimacy with God and the practice of fraternal love open to the mystery of others involves the truly vital need of a silence embracing the whole being" (Const. #57). Therefore, at the beginning of our Spiritual Reading we said our Prayer for Silence and on those days when silence is dispensed another Prayer is recited and we are allowed to talk after our spiritual reading.

** From 8:30 to 2:00 the sister who is working as a Visiting Nurse goes out to assist Patients with showers, wound care, medications, run errands, and spiritual direction and Holy Communion. **
9:00-11:00am At this time we perform our different chores and responsibilities, some sisters attend classes either at the Collage or in our Convent –Sacraments, Catechism, our Constitutions, Psychology, Morality, Nursing
11:15-11:30am Prayer of Praise to the Blessed Trinity and Examination of Conscience. At the sound of the cloister bell, one of the penitential psalms is recited
Normally we observe silence except on Thursdays and Sundays. A sister reads a number from our Constitutions followed by a book (the life of a saint, documents from the Church, the history of our Congregation and the stories of conversion of our Patients…). Following lunch, the community goes to the Chapel in silence and recites the Te Deum in thanksgiving and the Angelus. Then some of us go to wash the dishes.
12:00-1:00pm Recreation
"how good, how delightful it is for all to live like brothers" (Psalm 133) Since we are so many we do several things during our recreations: some play cards, some talk, others may share some jokes or funny things that had happened, some watch the news on TV, some times when the weather is appropriate, we play volley ball or walk around the house in our backyard.

**12:30- 7:00p.m Rest for the Sister on night duty **
1:00-5:45pm At this time the Sisters continue their different tasks and duties, appointments, some spend more time in the Chapel with our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, classes, some exercise for a few minutes.
5:45-6:15pm Rosary
In union with Mary, we meditate on Christ mysteries.
6:15-6:45pm Meditation
"we must cultivate with lively and persevering interest the spirit of prayer…" (Const. #36).
6:45-7:00pm Divine Office –Evening Prayer-
7:00-7:30pm Recreation
** Arising for our sisters in night duty and Prayer of the Divine Office **

The Community will remain in silence while a sister reads, except Thursdays and Sundays after we recite the Angelus or Regina Caeli

8:00pm-6:00am Night Duty "I was Sick and you visited me"
Departure of the Sisters who go out to care for the Sick. "Before leaving we shall visit our Lord in the Chapel, entrusting Him our ministerial work and renewing our vows. We shall implore his grace to serve Him faithfully in our apostolic mission. Strengthened with this pledge of such powerful assistance, we shall go forth with the peaceful joy" (Const. #51)
8:30-9:00pm Recreation
9:00-9:30pm Night Prayers and Examination of conscience
9:30pm Rest
"May we now rest in your peace, safe from all that could harm us, and rise again refreshed and joyful, to praise you throughout another day"

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