A Day in the life of a Sister of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George

The order of the day gives us a structure of prayer and apostolic service to help us maintain our community life.  Although we have this structure, as we are guided by the Holy Spirit and "simply ready in obedience to God's call," there is much adventure and flexibility within our schedule.

4:40am Rising:  
V:/All for the greater honor of God  R:/And for the salvation of our souls.
We take the habit while reciting prayers for each part ending with the Guardian Angel prayer as we put on our shoes.
Then some of us (most of us, actually) drink coffee.
5:05am Morning Office: Four times a day, we chant the Liturgy of the Hours as a Community and unite ourselves with Jesus in His prayer to the Father on behalf of all mankind.
5:30am Meditation:  In looking upon His Heart each day, we find the source of joy and fidelity in our way of life.
6:00am Holy Mass:  Source and summit of our lives
Breakfast in silence, except on Feast Days
7:00am Sisters who work in Apostolates outside of the convent leave for the day
7:00-11:00am Work in Apostolates in the convent
11:30am Midday Prayers
12:00pm Dinner
Work in Apostolates in the convent
5:15pm (Sunday) Benediction and Evening Office
5:45pm Scripture Reading: “The Most High Himself made it clear to me that I must live the life of the Gospel.”   The Testament of St. Francis
We remain in Jesus' love for us and grow in our love for Him, when in daily meditative prayer and Scripture reading, we realize anew how close He is to us.
6:00pm Evening Office, supper follows
7:30pm Community Time:
*     Recreation two nights of the week followed by Night Prayer             
*    Confession one night each week, followed by Benediction    
*    Bible Discussion one night a week      
*    (In Alton) All night adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on Friday.  (The Sisters take an hour during the night.)
9:30pm Retire to Bed: “Let us being anew for up to now we have done nothing.” St. Francis

Other Community Prayers: At the very center of our consecrated life is our union with the Heart of Jesus Christ, renewed and deepened through our encounter with Him in community and personal prayer.  It is only through this union that we personally encounter the Merciful Love of Christ in order to make it visible to the world through our service.

  • Stations of the Cross: In the Franciscan tradition, we venerate the Passion of Christ, especially through meditation on the Way of the Cross.  Christ Crucified is before our eyes daily as “We look on the one Whom we have pierced.”
  • Cross prayer: Another prayer of our Congregation is the Cross Prayer.  St. Francis prayed with arms outstretched before the Crucifix.  We pray in this posture as a prayer of abandonment and surrender to the Will of God.
  • Rosary:Our devotion to our Lady is expressed especially through our daily praying of the rosary.  Mary is our Mother and model, and as such, we each include her name in our religious name.  In the Franciscan tradition, we also pray the rosary of the Seven Joys of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Vocation Director: Sister M. Consolata
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