Hartford Basic & Supplemental Term Life Insurance

The Archdiocese offers Basic Life and Disability income benefits as a package through Hartford Life.  This includes employee Life insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D), Life insurance for your spouse and child(ren) and Short and Long Term Disability.  These benefits must be purchased as a package and are not available separately.  Voluntary Supplemental/Additional Life insurance can be purchased separately but the employee must purchase the Basic Life and Disability package to be eligible for Supplemental Life.   

Guarantee Issue - Eligibility Period

To be guaranteed coverage, the employee must apply for coverage within 31 days of employment.  Coverage will be extended no matter what their health status.  If the employee does not enroll during this 31 day period, they must complete a Personal Health Statement and may be declined.  Please be sure to emphasize this point when explaining benefits to new employees.


The employee's salary as of January 1 of each calendar year will be the salary used to determine premiums for the entire year.  However, if a disability claim is paid, it will be determined by actual salary at the time of the claim. 

Premiums for the basic life and disability package will be split 50/50 between the employee and the employer.  The employee pays 100% of the supplemental life premium. 

Spouse and Dependent Coverage

The spouse coverage is $4,000.  All dependent children of a participating employee are covered for $2,000 life insurance from 15 days to the end of the calendar year they turn 23.  All dependents are included in one total family unit cost of $1.20 per month. 


Active, Full time, participating employees, with 10 or more years of service, who retire with a benefit from the Lay Retirement Plan may retain a $5,000 term life insurance policy at the current basic life rate.

Conversion AND Portability

An employee may elect to convert their Basic Life Policy and to port their Supplemental Life policy within 31 days of a change in their full time employment status.  Employees may convert the life insurance in their basic package and port the supplemental life to an individual (non-group) policy.  Rates will be determined by age.  Details are availalbe in the Hartford Benefit Plan available below. Please contact the Human Resource office for forms at 913-647-0362. Hartford Conversion paperwork will be included in the Pension Package the employee receives in the mail if the employee is pension eligible.  

Waiver of Premium for Life Insurance

If an employee is totally disabled for nine consecutive months, the employee may be eligible for a Waiver of Premium for the monthly group Life and Supplemental Life the employee has as active policies.  The employee's eligibility for a waiver of premium will be determined by the Hartford. 

Death Benefits   

Please notify the Human Resources Office as soon as possible if a death of an employee, spouse or dependent occurs.  An official death certificate is required to process a death benefit. 

Value Added Services

As part of the basic life and disability package, participating employees receive five value added services:

  • Ability Assist - provides financial, legal and work/life consultations by phone
  • Beneficiary Assist - provides emotional, legal and financial counceling to covered employees, their beneficiaries and immediate family after a death
  • Estate Guidance Will Services - helps covered employees prepare simple wills
  • Funeral Planning Services - provides resources for planning a funeral
  • Travel Assist - provides pre-trip information (including visa, passport and immunization requirements, travel advisories and foreign exchange rates), emergency medical assistance, emergency personal services and identity theft protection

Brochures explaining each of these services are below.  If you would like copies of these brochures to give to employees participating in the basic life and disability package, please contact our Hartford representative


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Hartford Life Insurance Beneficiary Form 

Hartford Disability Booklets & Value Added Benefit Brochures for Employees  

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