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2019 Convocation

Last October, Archbishop Naumann announced his intention to hold an Archdiocesan-wide convocation of pastors and parish leaders to strengthen the local church in its efforts to build a culture of evangelization across the Archdiocese. The Archbishop said that this convocation, scheduled for October 2019, will be “the most important and significant pastoral event” during his tenure as Archbishop. As you begin to prepare schedules and budgets for the upcoming year, we wanted to share an update on the 2019 Convocation that will impact your planning.

Based on recommendations from pastors and in an effort to provide enough time to make this a truly beneficial event, the Evangelization Office has obtained permission to begin the convocation on Thursday evening instead of Friday morning.

Please amend your personal and parish calendar to reflect that the convocation will begin Thursday, October 3rd at 5pm and conclude on Saturday, October 5th at 12:30pm. Per Archbishop’s request, please refrain from scheduling weddings or other parish events during this time.

This convocation is not open to the public, rather, each pastor is asked to bring a delegation of leaders from his parish or from a parish cluster served by one pastor.  As you begin to prayerfully discern the structure of your parish delegation, you are encouraged to consider members that understand the Church’s commission to evangelize and can help build a culture of evangelization and missionary discipleship in your parish.   Soon the Evangelization Office will send you a worksheet to assist you in building your delegation.

Your parish or parish cluster minimum delegation size should be based on the formula below (household numbers were obtained from the Office of Stewardship and Development).  Delegations that represent clustered parishes under the leadership of one pastor should include members from all the parishes in the cluster.

Parish Households           Minimum Delegation Size
100 – 300                           at least Pastor +   9 (10)
301 – 1000                         at least Pastor + 14 (15)
1001 – 2000                       at least Pastor + 19 (20)
2000+                                 at least Pastor + 29 (30)

All convocation events will take place at the Overland Park Convention Center in Overland Park, Kansas.   The total cost of this convocation will be shared between the Archdiocese and the parishes.  Please budget $130 per person for the parish portion of the delegate registration fee.  Hotel rooms will also be an available option at approximately $145 per night (including taxes & fees).  The Archdiocese will procure a block of rooms and communicate details on reservations at a later date.   The Archbishop does not want any parish to avoid attending because of finances.  If your parish cannot afford the cost of sending a delegation, please present your case for assistance to the Evangelization Office.


Please contact Emily Lopez
(913) 647-0323 office


Pastoral Letter about the 2019 Convocation

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