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Prayer and Action Frequently Asked Questions

(cost and registration questions answered on registration page)

Who will be eligible to attend?

Prayer & Action is open to all students who will be entering 9th grade in the Fall and to any current seniors who will be graduating in the Spring.  We require one adult chaperone (21 years or older) for every 7 young people.

What kind of work will we be doing?

We will serve the elderly and needy mostly through projects such as painting, cleaning, yard work, minor repairs, working at food kitchens, inner-city VBS, etc...

What if a young person has little or no home repair experience?

As long as young people come with a servant's attitude, there is no problem involving them in home repair projects. We match skills to projects. There is plenty of work that needs to be done, such as painting, which takes little to no experience. Young people are not asked to participate in projects they are not equipped to handle but will be given the opportunity to learn new skills if they so desire.

How well supervised and staffed is Prayer & Action?

The Prayer & Action team takes supervision and safety seriously. Besides the Prayer & Action team, each group is required to bring one adult sponsor for every seven young people to provide supervision at the worksites and at the parish. The Prayer & Action team will not involve young people in any kind of dangerous project. No one will be allowed to use power tools. Every participant is asked to bring protective safety gear. To compensate for the hot weather, workers are supplied plenty of liquids to drink and frequent breaks. Home repair projects are well organized and prepared. First-aid kits and emergency care instruction will be available at every work site.  Every safety precaution is exercised.

Where do we sleep?

Males and Females sleep in separate areas and are accompanied by same-gendered chaperones.  Typically they sleep on a classroom floor in sleeping bags (this is a mission trip after all). It is important that we have at least 2 adult chaperones in each of the rooms with an adult to youth ratio of at least 1:7. So, we require groups to recruit men and women to chaperone if they bring both boys and girls. Thus, it is mandatory that each group brings gender appropriate chaperons.  If you bring boys, you must provide a male chaperon and if you bring girls, you must provide female chaperons. 

What about Transportation?

Each group will have to provide their own transportation to the initial location and to and from worksites throughout the week. Ideally, we have 1 van per 7 people.  Volunteers with trucks and SUV's are always appreciated.

Who needs a background Check?

Prayer & Action, in compliance with Archdiocesan policy, requires that any adult chaperone (21 and older) undergo training and background checks in accordance to "Protecting God's Children".   The background check and compliance are covered if the adult has gone through and kept up to date with the "Virtus" training and is the same required of any adult who volunteers with youth in a parish or school setting.

What benefits are there in experiencing a mission trip?

A week long mission experience can be life changing. Although opportunities are set up to help those living in communities we serve, many times it is those of us who are doing the service that are affected the most. In order to see God's face more clearly it is often good for us to break free from the pressures and the busy schedule of our daily lives. This week of service allows these participants to do just that!

What spiritual opportunities do the teens have?

  • Daily Mass
  • Eucharistic Adoration
  • Daily Rosary
  • Meditative prayer
  • Liturgy of the Hours
  • Reconciliation
  • Faith sharing times
  • Dialogue with Seminarians, Religous and other Adults intentional about their vocations.


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