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registration questions


How do I register?

Registration is now open



If you would like to via phone call Jody O'Rourke at 913-547-3059

Questions?  Email us at:  or call Bill Scholl 913-647-0317 


What is the cost?

The registration fee for youth and adult participants is very affordable. The Archdiocese asks the group for $150 per participant (including chaperones), but often coordinators charge a more to cover the travel and related costs.   Please contact your trip coordinator for your youth groups actual cost.  The fee covers the costs of food, materials, housing, and programming.  A non-refundable deposit of $50 per participant is due to the Archdiocese office after you register. Your deposit will be deducted from your total registration fee. (Please note: The Archdiocese doesn't want inability to pay to keep teens from this experience: to negotiate help with deposit or fee contact Bill Scholl, Social Justice Consultant)

Please mail checks to:

Archdiocese of Kansas City In Kansas 
ATTN: Prayer and Action
12615 Parallel Parkway
Kansas City, Kansas 66109



Will we receive an information packet before we arrive?

YES! Your information packet will be mailed Mid- March.  The packet will include medical release forms and other paperwork for participants to fill out. All completed forms should be brought with you the week you participate. Also in this packet will be your final payment due date.

How many spots are available for each group?

There are a total of 45 spots for students each week. A parish group is limited to 15 spots per week to accommodate multiple groups. We cannot allow individual registrations. Signups must be with a parish group.

PLEASE ONLY REGISTER FOR AS MANY SPOTS YOU ARE CONFIDENT YOU WILL FILL. There are a limited number of spots and we would like to allow as many
teens to experience this as possible. (last year some teens missed this experience because people reserved spots they did not use)

How many chaperones do we need?

The Archdiocese policy requires one chaperone over the age of 21 for every seven teens who attend. Our summer staff does not count as chaperones. All chaperones must have completed "Protecting God's Children". If you bring both boys and girls, you must bring both male and female chaperones.

Should we contact the hosting parish for more information?

No. Although we currently have some great people working in our location, all questions regarding this summer's mission experiences should be directed to those on our Team Page.



2018 Summer Information



Week 1            June 10-15  Full

Week 2            June 17-22 - FULL

Week 3            June 24-29

Week 4            July 8-13

Week 5            July 15-20

Program starts Sunday evening and ends Friday at noon


 Blessed Sacrament


Location:  Blessed Sacrament,  Kansas City, KS 



Cost: $150   Contact your trip coordinator for details as they are the ones who register the group. 

The Archdiocese asks the group for $150 per participant (including chaperones), but often coordinators charge more to cover the travel and related costs.

 Prayer and Action is very affordable and Scholarships are available for those in need

Registration info: 

1. Each parish or group is allowed to bring a maximum of 15 students per week.  Chaperon ratio is 1 adult to 7 students.

2. When registration opens, please only register for the number of spots you think you can fill.  Spaces are limited to 45 students each week and as many adults as are needed to chaperone the 45.

3. Once you have registered online or by contacting us, you will need to send your deposit of $50 per person (includes adult chaperones) to the Archdiocese to secure your spots. 

Archdiocese of Kansas City In Kansas
ATTN: Prayer and Action
12615 Parallel Parkway
Kansas City, Kansas 66109



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