Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann

May 23, 2019

Chairman of the United States Conference
of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities,
Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, Kansas,
has issued a statement regarding states recent passing of pro-life legislation.


The full statement follows:

“Every single human life has value. The trend of states passing pro-life legislation

is a very encouraging move toward ensuring that our society cherishes unborn

children and their most basic right to life.

The pro-life movement has always had two critical goals: increasing support for mothers

and children and eliminating the tragedy of abortion. Our march for justice and human

rights for unborn children will not be complete until they are recognized and

protected as persons by the law. Our ultimate objective, however, is for abortion to be

unthinkable. As we celebrate these pro-life legislative victories,

we reiterate our commitment to supporting all mothers with the care and resources they need.

The Church stands ready to help and welcome them.”




If you know anyone that has experienced Abortion in some way and needs help

Please visit our Project Rachel website for more information or call Ann Marie Alvey at 913-621.2199 for confidential help.

Ann Marie Alvey is featured this week on Archbishop Naumann's radio show.   Click the below link to listen to their discussion and learn more about the Archdiocese Healing Ministries.