USCCB Pro-Life Chairman News Releases

Archbishop Joseph Naumann


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7/8/20 Supreme Court Decision Preserving the Religious Liberty of Little Sisters

6/29/20 Supreme Court Decision on Abortion


5/29/20:  Statement of U.S. Bishop Chairmen in Wake of Death of George Floyd and National Protests

4/17/20 Letter to FDA re:  COVID19 Vaccination

3/23/20 25th Anniversary of the Gospel of Life

2/28/20 House Rejection of Pro-Life Bills

2/25/20 Senate Rejection of Pro-Life Bills 


2/6/20 Equal Rights Amendment   

1/24/20 BishopsCommend Action to Enforce Federal Conscience Law

1/16/20 9 Days for Life Unites Catholics Nationwide in Prayer for the Protection of Life

11/21/19 Pro-Life Coalition in Asking President to Oppose

11/01/19 Dignity of Aborted Children Act

10/15/19 Assisted Suicide Statement

09/26/19 Respect Life Month Launch

09/18/19 Support of Healthcare Professionals


08/29/19 Conscience Law on Abortion

08/06/19 People of Life Award

06/11/19 Assisted Suicide

06/06/19 Fetal Research


05/24/19 Healthcare Non-Discrimination

05/23/19 Prolife Legislation

05/02/19 Healthcare

04/09/19 Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act


03/28/19 Mexico City Policy

02/27/19 Title X

02/27/19 Born Alive Bill

02/08/19 Louisiana Abortin Bill


02/05/19 Born Alive Bill

02/02/19 Born Alive Bill

02/01/19 Rights of the Unborn

01/18/19 Roe v. Wade


01/18/19 Trump & ProLife&nbsp

01/18/19 Taxes and Abortion

01/11/19 9 Days for LIfe

01/10/19 National Prayer for LIfe