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LIFE Runners A-Cross America Relay Finish Line Celebration!!

August 8/9, 2020

The annual LIFE Runners A-Cross America Relay finish will be August 8/9 here in KC! The relay began on July 4th in New York, San Francisco, North Dakota and Texas and is the largest spanning pro-life event in the world, covering 5,359 miles across the US and all four arms of the relay will unite on Sunday, August 9th for a finish line celebration!


***LIFE Runners is the largest pro-life team in the world with over 15,000 members in 2,553 cities! LIFE Runners witness with “REMEMBER The Unborn” jerseys, impacting hearts and minds for saving lives, running is optional!! If you can wear a jersey, you’re qualified! Wearing the jersey out in public is an easy way to spread the pro-life message, all ages are welcome! For more information about the A-Cross America Relay and LIFE Runners go to:







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