Join the Kansas Rosary Crusade:

The plan is simple: On Thursdays, all across Kansas, parishes, families, individuals, or other groups will pray a Rosary for the passage of a State Constitutional amendment rejecting abortion as a Constitutional right. Time and place are up to those praying.


The Five Luminous Mysteries are traditionally prayed on Thursdays, but those praying are free to experiment, as long as the intention is kept in mind. A five-decade Rosary specific to this Crusade has been written and can be used if so desired.   Click Here to join.


Archbishop Naumann's Official Statement on the Rosary Crusade:

“I Urge Every Member”
I urge every member of the Archdiocese of Kansas City to join the Kansas Rosary Crusade by praying the Rosary every Thursday for the passage of a State Constitutional Amendment making it crystal clear there is “no right to abortion” in the Kansas Constitution. This Constitutional Amendment is necessary because of a ruling by the Kansas State Supreme Court claiming to have discovered a right to abortion in the Kansas Constitution placing in jeopardy all previous legislation protecting unborn children and preventing the Kansas Legislature from increasing those protections in the future. This Amendment will restore to all Kansans their right through their elected representatives to determine abortion public policy for our State. Please join with Catholic Kansans from every corner of our State in praying for the passage of a State Constitutional Amendment. The rosary is a powerful prayer invoking the intercession of our Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Life, to help us protect the lives of innocent children. Through our prayer, we also seek Mary’s intercession to help us surround mothers experiencing an untimely pregnancy with support and assistance to choose life for the child in their womb. If you already pray the rosary daily, please include on Thursday an intention for passage of the Constitutional Amendment. If you are not in the habit of praying the rosary, please begin at least on Thursdays to pray this beautiful devotion through which Mary draws us closer to her Son. Just as Our Lady of Guadalupe was instrumental in ending human sacrifice in Mexico almost 500 years ago let us ask Mary to intercede for the success of our efforts today to protect in Kansas the lives of innocent unborn children.


Learn More:

During his weekly radio show, Archbishop Naumann dialogues with Chuck Weber of the Kansas Catholic Conference and Deb Niesen of the Pro-Life office about restoring the rights of Kansans to pass common-sense, pro-life laws by overturning the Kansas Supreme Court's recent ruling that the there is an inherent "right" to abortion in the Kansas Constitution.




What Happened? 


On April 26, 2019, the Kansas Supreme Court took power from Kansas voters and found—created—a nearly unlimited “right to abortion” in our 1859 State Constitution. Prior to this ruling, through widely supported limitations, our state’s abortion rates had been reduced by 43 percent since 1999 and partial-birth abortions had been completely banned. Essentially, women and their preborn babies have now been abandoned to an unregulated abortion industry.


Because of the Kansas Supreme Court’s April 26, 2019, ruling, existing bans on partial-birth and taxpayer-funded abortions are now in danger of being rendered unenforceable. Furthermore, the ruling allows violent live dismemberment abortions to continue and threatens these lifesaving limits:


  • Parental consent for minors seeking abortion
  • Informed consent, alerting women to potential health risks
  • 24-hour waiting period
  • Abortion clinic sanitation and safety standards

Click here to read some common FAQ questions and answers.  


What Can You Do?


  1. Sign the Kansas Catholic Conference online petition by clicking here  Kansas Catholic Conference. 
  2. SHARE these petitions via email, facebook, and other social media outlets and ask others to sign.
  3. Contact your legislator and encourage them to support an amendment that reverses the Kansas Supreme Court’s inhumane ruling on abortion. Find your Kansas Legislator here by typing in your address or by calling the Kansas Legislative Hotline at (1.800.432.3924).   Click Here for a sample letter.  If you prefer to write a personalized letter of your own, click here for ideas!
  4. The most critical legislators to contact are:  
    • Representatives:  Jeff Pittman (D-Leavenworth), Jan Kessinger (R-Overland Park), Tim Hodge (D-Newton), Monica Murnan (D-Pittsburg), Freda Warfield (D-Topeka), Kathy Wolf Moore (D-Kansas City), Stan Frownfelter (D-Kansas City), Tom Burroughs (D-Kansas City), Bill Pannbacker (R-Washington), Mark Schreiber (R-Emporia) and JC Moore (R-Clearwater).
    • Senators:  Randall Hardy (R-Salina) and Senator John Doll (R-Garden City)
  5. Visit the websites for Kansas Catholic Conference and Kansans for Life for more information.
  6. Contact Debra Niesen in the Archdiocese Pro-Life Office (, Kansas Catholic Conference or Kansans for Life and invite an expert to come and speak to your group.


Parish Resources and Actions:


During Respect Life Month in October, we ask that you choose at least one weekend to support this cause.  Ways this can be done:

  1. Hold a petition drive using this formClick here for tips on how to run your petition drive.
  2. Sample Pulpit Announcement.
  3. Sample Homily Ideas.
  4. Sample Bulletin Announcement.
  5. Hand out these Pew Prayer Cards
    • For completed cards, drop off or mail cards to the following address:  Kansas Catholic Conference, 204 SW 8th Ave., Topeka, KS 66603
  6. Contact Debra Niesen in the Archdiocese Pro-Life Office (, Kansas Catholic Conference or Kansans for Life and invite an expert to come and speak to your group.