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Kansans will soon begin voting in the Aug 4th primary election. Early voting begins on July 21.  The general election takes place on November 3, 2020.  The Catholic Bishops do not endorse political candidates or parties but believe it is the responsibility of the Church to help form the consciences of her members to understand the principles and priorities that should guide their decisions as voters.  The U.S. Bishops have once again identified the protection of unborn children the pre-eminent moral priority.  In his "Voting Is a Moral Responsibility" message, Archbishop Naumann expands on three moral topics that are timely and critical to the Kansas Catholic voter - abortion, racism, and the Value Them Both Constitutional Amendment. 


Abortion and racism are both pro-life issues as they attack the dignity of the human person.  In addition, the abortion industry targets minority communities resulting in a disproportionate number of minority pre-born and adult lives lost and affected by abortion (learn more in the "Homily Helps" link below).  Therefore, Archbishop Naumann says, “The Value Them Both Constitutional Amendment needs to be adopted by the citizens of Kansas. We need elected officials who will take action to defend the innocent life of the unborn and their mothers.” 


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For Bulletin Editors

Please share the following "Value Them Both" educational flyer during this election season.  There are pdf and png versions to either print for your bulletin or upload to your website and/or electronic conmmunications.  Thank you!


Image (png format).  Click Here to download the pdf version.