"I was dating "the love of my life". He was perfect. We were going to build a life together. And then...it all came shattering down. His name was Zack. He was a friend that I met my junior year of high school. He was older than me. But I didn't care. He was more "mature" and not stupid like all my other boyfriends. He was going to college at the local universtiy and had plans of becoming a lawyer. I will never forget that Tuesday morning. I was nervous and afraid of what he would say. I had just bought a pregnancy test at the local pharmacy and it came back postive. All I could think was my life is over. I cried the whole way to his apartment. When I arrived he said "Babe, whats the matter?" I could barely utter the words out of my mouth. "I know you're going to be upset. But, well, I am pregnant." Immediately he become angry and upset. Shouting curse words and throwing things on the ground. He said we have to fix this. I am making you an appointment. We are getting rid of this baby. We can't do this and I am going to be in trouble if anyone finds out. I left that day knowing that I couldn't end the life of my child but I had no where to turn. No one to talk to. I prayed that God would send me a sign. A sign that someone cared. Thats when I googled pregnant and need help. I found a pregnancy clinic by my house. I decided to make and appointment. I was still scared and afraid but I knew I had to go. The women at the clinic were very nice. They confirmed my pregancy and told me about all of my options. What I felt that day was love. And I knew these people were the ones who cared about me.... If you're scared. Afraid. And don't know what to do. Click or call on one of these  places below. They are there to help you. They will give you the support you need. They will journey with you. I know you're scared. But I promise you will never regret keeping your baby."

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