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Your Life Before Birth - A beautiful video of preborn life in the womb. Scientific evidence of our beliefs!


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Culture of Life Studies

The Culture of Life Studies Program provides Catholic, pro-life home and classroom materials, resources, and trainings to educators, schools, and dioceses equipping them to help younger generations bring an end to abortion and other threats against human beings, preserve the sanctity of marriage, and restore the kingdom of heaven on earth.


Its vision is to create a world in which the institutions of sacramental marriage and family are protected and fostered; and all human beings are treated with respect, dignity, and love from the moment of creation until death.

The Culture of Life Studies Program is committed to providing resources that are consistent with the Roman Catholic Church’s teachings, including the Bible, divine revelation, and sacred tradition, as interpreted by the Magisterium. All programs and activities of the Culture of Life Studies Program are in conformity with the Magisterial teaching of the Catholic Church in union with the Holy See. Therefore, all definitions of human personhood, the family, and human sexuality must always conform to such teachings.


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Diocese of Kansas City - St. Joseph

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Supplemental Videos:
Frank Stephens “My life is worth living!”
Dear Future Mom:
7th Grade Program: Click here
8th Grade Program: Click here
Diocese of Los Angeles
The Archdiocese of Los Angeles CA has prepared a website with resources for Respect Life Month.  Explore the resources below and invite students, at a grade-appropriate level, to understand why we believe what we do and what we can do to build a Culture of Life here in Kansas! Programs for TK/K through 12th Grade.
This year's topics of focus include:
  • Forgiveness & Mercy
  • Abortion
  • Human Trafficking
  • Mental Health
  • Adoption
  • Racism
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Educational Videos
Abortion Procedures - What You Need to Know
This series of videos was developed by Live Action (  Live Action is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization that "exists today to shift public opinion on the killing of preborn children and defend the rights of these most vulnerable among us. Through compelling educational media, human interest storytelling, and investigative reporting, we reveal the humanity of the preborn and expose the abortion industry exploiting women for profit."
Live Action's groundbreaking "Abortion Procedures" videos and website are changing minds, saving lives, and transforming pro-life education.
The videos feature a former abortionist explaining four of the most prevelant abortion procedures using animation.  These videos are most appropriate for ages 8th grade and up.
1st Trimester
Aspiration Abortion
2nd Trimester
Dilitation & Evacuation Abortion (D&E)
3rd Trimester
Induction Abortion

8th Grade Forum - "Life Matters!" Day

2020:  Unfortunately, we are unable to hold this event this year.  Please contact Debra Niesen at if you would like her to come to your school to do a presentation for your 8th grade class.



Below is a description of what you can expect to learn.  Click Here for a printable version.


Purpose of this Event
“I have come that you may have life, and have it to the fullest…” John 10:10

To educate and inspire our 8th grade students on the dignity and sanctity of all life, from conception to natural death. To help them know and believe that God made them in His image and likeness and that their life matters! We want our 8th graders to leave this day knowing that:

  • Life is a precious gift from God
  • God loves each of them and desires a real personal relationship with them
  • There are laws and ideologies that pose threats to life in our culture.
  • As Catholics we are called to defend and protect the most vulnerable lives.
Pro-Life Club Ideas
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Please be sure to explore the rest of the general Pro-Life Website
to learn more about the other Pro-Life Issues such as End-of-Life, Adoption, Foster Care,
Miscarriage, Post-Abortive Mercy, etc.
Church Documents such as Evangelium Vitae (Gospel of Life), Humanae Vitae,
and others can be found under the RESOURCES menu box.