Faith and Mission

"Connecting Youth and Families to Christ and His Church"

Our job is straight-forward. The way we love Jesus is by helping our guests to grow as disciples of Christ, so they can make disciples for Christ. 

Like all Christian disciples, the task of evangelizing all people constitutes our essential mission, it is part of our very identity. 

At the Ranch, our Catholic faith, our mission, is to journey with you, our guests, in the challenging, life-long pursuit of Christian discipleship. 

The Shared Vision was promulgated by Archbishop Naumann in 2015, after a year of collaboration with the whole Church in Northeast Kansas. This pivotal document outlines our shared and sacred purpose and vision as the local Church.

Click on the icon above or follow this link to find out more about this exciting vision for our Church. Prairie Star Ranch is happy to be a part of the vision to grow as disciples of Jesus, and make disciples of Jesus.