Who Does Perfect Wing Serve?

“My child's Catholic education is essential! She and her classmates are learning to be kind and courteous to everyone. I've witnessed great compassion by my child’s classmates when she needed extra help. This is credit to the teaching staff teaching our children to be great Catholics.”  - a parent



All 42 schools in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas serve students with special needs.

49 learning center/special education teachers work in 34 Catholic schools across the Archdiocese.


     Perfect Wings - 2015-16 School Year


        571 students with diagnosed disabilities are being served.



Disabilities Include:

  • Vision impairments

  • Hearing impairments 

  • Down Syndrome

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Auditory Processing Disorder

  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder

  • Attachment Disorder

  • Tourette’s Syndrome

  • Intellectual disabilities

  • Speech and language disorders


An additional 205 students with Section 504 Plans receive accommodations for their disability.

432 students with IEPs are served in partnership with local public school districts.



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