Sunflower Teens Encounter Christ




Teens Encounter Christ is a Catholic Movement of Spirituality for older teens and young adults which has, since its beginnings in 1965, helped to bring thousands of teens across the country closer to Christ and to a deeper relationship with their Church. Through the efforts of Sunflower TEC, and prior to that Heartland TEC, the program has been a part of ministry to young people in the Archdiocese of Kansas City since 1977.


Teens Encounter Christ is a three day weekend retreat for spiritual renewal focused on the Paschal Mystery of the dying and rising of Jesus Christ.  it is hosted by a team of youth and adults including a Archdiocesan priest.

Sunflower TEC holds five three-day retreats each year at three different Archdiocesan facilities: Prairie Star Ranch in Williamsburg, KS Sts. Peter and Paul Parish in Seneca, KS. and Savior Pastoral Center in Kansas City, KS. The cost of the retreat is $110 which includes a TEC t-shirt, housing and meals and is open to all teens in high school through college age young people to the age of 21.  However no one has ever been turned away because of finances.


A TEC weekend begins at 10am on Saturday and ends at 5pm on Monday.  It is important for participants to remain on site for the entire weekend retreat, however some exceptions do and can apply.


Upcoming TEC retreat dates   

  •  TEC 257 March 11-13, 2017 at  Prairie Star Ranch Williamsburg, KS.
  • TEC 258 August 12-14, 2017 at   Prairie Star Ranch Williamsburg, KS.
  • TEC 259 November 11-13, 2017 at  Prairie Star Ranch Williamsburg, KS.


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