Termination Guidelines

  1. Continuation - To be compliant with Federal guidelines, a terminating employee who has active Health and/or Dental benefits, will need to be provided with the Health and/or Dental Continuation forms. 100% of the premium for any continued benefits would be the employee's cost.  The completed Continuation forms should be sent to the Chancery Human Resources office as soon as possible. No more than two months of retroactive credit is given for terminated employees and employees no longer eligible for benefits.  Employees should pay premiums for continuation coverage to the location for this coverage after termination.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Locations are responsible for contacting the Archdiocese Benefit Specialist at 913-647-0362 if the employee ends this coverage, so the policy can be ended and the billing can be discontinued.

    Continuation of Coverage Link for information & forms. 

  2. Lay 401K Plan - The termination date you input into the Dayforce Termination Form will be exported to TIAA and become part of the employee's 401k account data which will enable the terminated employee to request a disbursement or a rollover. A terminated employee will continue to receive regular mailings, such as the quarterly report as long as there are funds in their 401k account.
    401k Options when employment ends (employee handout)

  3. Lay Pension Frozen Plan - If the employee was hired before 12/31/2013; they will have vesting in the Lay Pension Frozen Plan.
    If the employee is age 60 or older with 7 years of full time service, or age 65 with at least 3 years of service, please give them the Retiree handout from the Web Site, under the Retirement link. Scroll to the bottom of the Retirement Web page to locate the handout..
    If the employee is not yet retirement age, the employee will receive a letter with a vested statement from CBIZ, within one year of their termination date, with instructions on when and how to begin receiving retirement benefits from the Lay Pension Plan; a defined benefit plan.
    Lay Pension Frozen (handout for employees who were full time before 2014)

  4. FSA/Flexible Spending Account - Employees who are enrolled in theFlexible Spending Account for Health Care, should be provided with an Employee FSA Form (below).  The form should be completed by the employee and returned to the Location Administrator with a copy Emailed to the Archdiocese Benefit Specialist.  
    - If the employee decides to pay out their FSA contribution balance through the end of the calendar year, the Location Administrator will need to make a Quick Entry in Dayforce to deduct the pre-tax contribution from remaining pay.  Claims may be submitted to NueSynergy through the end of the claim year.
    - If the employee decides to discontinue their FSA contributions, then they must submit all FSA claims to NueSynergy by their final day of employment.  
    FSA Form - Select the Employee Termination Form on this link.

  5. Dayforce - MyHR>>select employee name >>Forms>>Termination/Leave>>Terminate an Employee
    Enter "Termination Date" but do NOT enter "Last Pay Date" (for severance only)
    View messages in the Dayforce Message Center to view the employee termination notice.
    A terminated employee will continue to have limited access to Dayforce to allow address & contact changes to be made and to allow access to year end tax forms.
    Final paycheck for a partial pay period or Vacation payout:
    MyPay>>Quick Entry>> +Terminated>>Filter (select employee)>>(you may need to refresh & recalc)>>+New>>Select the employee from the drop down and  complete the entry(s)  with code - Vacation Payout and/or Regular with the Replace box checked.
  6. Involuntary termination of an individual employee.  Please consult Jeanne Gorman, Archdiocese attorney at (913) 549-3655 or Michelle Scheibner, Interum HR Director at (913) 647-0311 before hand.
  7. Severance: - This is a policy that should be set up for your location and noted in your policy handbook. You can view a sample severance policy in the Policy Handbook template on page 17.  www.archkck.org/hrsecure under General Policies Link (lower right).

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