Anthony Mersmann

Birthday: June 1
Parish: Holy Family - Eudora

High School:

Eudora High


Kenrick Glennon

Year in Seminary:

Theology IV


Favorite Saint:

Mary, our Mother for sure. Also, St. Anthony

My advice to men considering the priesthood:  Get as close to Mary as you can! She helped me SO much in my discernment and she continues to intercede for me today. She is someone who can keep you close to Christ whether you are at a peak in your faith-life, or you’ve never been more confused. Mary said yes to God’s plan even though she was confused and afraid. She is our model of trust and faithfulness, and she is always there to talk to!

Why I want to be a Priest:  I have an extreme desire to live a life of sacrifice. Even though I can’t get enough of the new technology that’s always coming out, it’s something I’ve been attracted to from a very young age. What gives me the most joy is imagining myself carrying out the beautiful Sacraments of our Catholic Church.

Hobbies & Interests:  Racquetball, Frisbee, cafés, and spending time with my family

Influence:  My parents are definitely people who deserve some recognition for fostering my vocation. I remember praying the rosary with my family every morning before my dad left for work and before the bus came to pick us up for school. My mom would also take my siblings and I to Mass on Tuesdays and Thursdays before school. My two older brothers and I would always be the ones serving, and I couldn’t wait to put on the servers’ alb.




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