Cruz Gallegos

Birthday: December 13     
Parish: Our Lady of Guadalupe - Topeka

High School:

Topeka HS


Kenrick Glennon Seminary

Year in Seminary:

Theology II

Favorite Saint:

St. Paul

My advice to men considering the priesthood: Disregard any who give you negative advice and follow your heart. Find someone who you greatly trust that will help you with this, especially your parish priest, or even a great parishioner you know.

Why I want to be a priest: I want to be a priest because of my deep love for Christ. Whatever He asks me to do, I will do, because I know He knows all.

Those who influenced my vocation: Fr. Mitchel Zimmerman really was the first priest I felt connected to. He definitely influenced me in my vocational call throughout high school. Fr. Oswaldo Sandoval also was my biggest influence since he came to my parish last year by his example and love for his parish. They both helped me tremendously.

Hobbies & Interests:playing sports like football, soccer, and basketball. I love music with all my heart; singing, playing my guitar and drum sets.




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