Dan Weger

Birthday: June 19
Parish: Holy Trinity - Lenexa

High School:

St. Thomas Aquinas


Kansas State - Elec. Engineering



Year in Seminary:

Theology IV

Favorite Saint:

St. Sebastian

My advice to men considering the priesthood:
 Do not be afraid. Pray to our Mother Mary; if you are meant to be a priest, she's got great respect for you, and wants you to be as close to Jesus as possible. Ask for her help. Lastly, give it a chance. I didn't hear an inkling of a call until I was 21, and even then I ignored it for a while. I had to give it a chance. Once I did, I found the strength to seek it further. Remember, God doesn't call the ready, He readies the called.

Why I want to be a priest: I didn't at first. I was dead set on being married. But when I started to pray, I heard the call louder and louder. I couldn't ignore it. But I know what God wants for me is to be the happiest I can. I trust in that. I am excited to bring the sacraments to everyone, and to serve those at my parish to my fullest abilities. Learning more about the beauty of the Church is just an added bonus.

Those who influenced my vocation: Fr. Jarett Konrade, the chaplain at KS State University, was a lot like me, but holier, and had such respect for the Eucharist. I knew I wanted to be like him. Fr. Barry Clayton, the associate pastor at my home parish at the time, was also an electrical engineer from KSU, so I knew that it wasn't impossible for an engineer to be a priest.

Hobbies & Interests: Playing sports such as soccer, volleyball, & ultimate Frisbee. Watching movies, doing crosswords, praying, playing the trombone and singing.




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