Travis Mecum

Birthday: March 10
Parish: St. Ann, Prairie Village

High School:

Otis-Bison Sr. High, Otis, KS


JCCC & Mid America Nazarene


Pope St. John XXIII, Weston, MA

Year in Seminary:

Theology IV


Favorite Saint:

 St. Thomas Aquinas

My advice to men considering the priesthood: Develop a devotion to Mary, and pray the Rosary daily. Spend time in Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament and pray for God to reveal His plans for you. Develop a strong prayer life, and seek out a good Spiritual Director to help you grow. Most importantly, get involved in your Parish! Be involved in ministry such as RCIA, EMHC, choir, Lector, Cantor, Knights of Columbus – these all are excellent ways to experience a small taste of what priesthood will be like. Attend a retreat such as Quo Vadis, and never be afraid to ask those questions that may make all the difference between whether you answer God’s call for you or not. Most of all, do not be afraid! God has called each of us to a vocation, but only through careful and deliberate discernment with an open heart will we begin to clarify what our vocation might be.

Why I want to be a Priest: Since I was 10, I have known that I was called to serve God, but I didn't know exactly how until I observed our local Parish priest, Fr. Murphy. As I grew to know him, I identified with him and knew that this was my calling. I want to be there at the beginning of a new life, to bring souls into the Body of Christ through Baptism. I want to watch them grow and be there with them to celebrate their confirmation and First Communion. I want to nourish them through the Eucharist, and be there when they are ready for marriage. I want to celebrate the sacrament of Marriage with them, and be there when their children are born, and celebrate the lives of their children in the same way. I want to help them grow throughout their lives through Confession and Absolution, and be an example of Christ’s unfailing love. And when they are sick, to administer Anointing of the Sick. When they near the end of their mortal life, I want to be there to comfort and console, hear their final confession and grant absolution and Last Rites; to be there to celebrate their life at their passing with those who love them, and to comfort the grieving. All of this I desire to do sacramentally, and the only way to share in this way is to serve them as a priest.

Hobbies & Interests: Reading, writing (short stories, poems, reflections), music, astronomy, philosophy, movies

Those who influenced my vocation:  Fr. Ultan Murphy (my hometown Parish priest), Venerable Fulton Sheen, Fr. Larry Richards, St. Thomas Aquinas, Tom Bosley (Fr. Dowling Mysteries), St. Pope John Paul II, and St. Pope John XXIII. In my home Parish, Bob and Suzanne Mogren, Matty Molnar, Pam Molnar, Jayson Molnar, the “Dirty Dozen”(you know who you are – and thanks!)



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