Trey Niesen

Birthday: February 13
  Trey Niesen
Parish: Holy Trinity, Lenexa

High School:

St. James Academy


Cardinal Glennon Seminary College in St. Louis


1st Year at K-State

Year in Seminary:

2nd Year College

Favorite Saint:

 St. Thomas Aquinas

 My advice to men considering the priesthood: For those who are considering the priesthood, be diligent in your discernment, but do not forget that there will always be a leap of faith required to accept the Lord’s plan for your life. I delayed for a long time waiting for my vocation to become perfectly clear and easy, but there will always be sacrifices when following Jesus. We only need to remember that what God has in store is greater than anything we can imagine.

Why I want to be a priest:  I want to be a priest because God has given us the sacraments, and the administration of the sacraments is the best way to fully and foundationally nourish the people of God. There is a spiritual battle raging on Earth, and I want to lead others to the joy that exists in Jesus Christ amidst the conflict.

Those who influenced me:  I have been greatly influenced by my family, especially my parents, who have shown me the beauty of a family oriented to Christ. Many priests have guided me in my vocation including my parish priests, Fr. Dan Morris, and the priests at the St. Isidore’s Catholic Student Center at Kansas State University. Also, so many friends have encouraged me in faith and helped me seek joy every day.

Hobbies & Interests:  Music, Catholic apologetics, tennis (and most other sports), movies, theater, lakes




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