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In May of 2003 Shawn surprised us with his big announcement - "I've decided to go to the seminary and study to be a priest." Of course we thought the priesthood was a wonderful vocation but Shawn was a computer programmer. We had concerns about this new idea and even suggested that Shawn wait a year and sort this all out. Shawn reminded us that when Jesus called the apostles, they just left everything and followed.


Of course Shawn was right and everything fell into place in just three months. He sold his house. We and his sister helped Shawn store all his possessions. Shawn even got a leave of absence from his job. It was still hard for Shawn to move out of Kansas for the first time and live in Illinois. To be sure of what God was calling him to do, Shawn needed to experience life as part of Mundelein Seminary. We were told the first couple of years at seminary are as much about discernment as they are about classes.


We missed Shawn so went to visit him that October. The seminary was such a beautiful and spiritual place conducive for meditating and reflecting. Everyone was welcoming and the camaraderie among the seminarians was wonderful to behold. Shawn was very happy! We returned each fall to Mundelein and witnessed how Shawn was growing more into his ministry. We also went to the various parishes where Shawn helped with the liturgy during the summer months. It gave us great joy to see how the parishes appreciated his efforts to serve them.

As the diaconate ordination approached, we were so excited that Shawn could finally begin some of the duties of his ministry. What joy we felt listening to his first homily and watching him baptize our grandson. Watching Deacon Shawn help at Mass for the next months, we were filled with anticipation for his priestly ordination. What an amazing time! We are still overwhelmed with joy to realize that it is our son saying Mass. The name "Shawn" means "God's gracious gift" and we feel so blessed that God gifted our family with a priest.


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