Priesthood FAQs

Do you think you will use your previous work experience (in my case, architecture and engineering) as a priest? FAQ submitted by Fr. Scott Wallisch


There are a lot of different things priests get involved in during their ministry. They celebrate Mass, administer the sacraments, run Bible studies, visit the sick, build new churches, oversee parish staffs and finances, give talks on a wide array of topics, and help people with legal and economic problems.  Having background experience in things other than philosophy and theology can help a priest through these challenges.  As a former architect, I don't envision myself taking the time to design a new church from the ground up, because there isn't enough time and it is not what God is calling me to do for His people.  I do envision that I will be able to use my experience in parishes that need new buildings, helping to connect the architects' ideas, the parishioners' suggestions, the contractors' skills, and the Church's theology.  As a priest, you take a new life, but you don't leave your history somewhere else.  God will use your talents and knowledge in amazing ways if you are willing to give them to Him to use for His glory alone.
Was it hard to leave your job and go back to school in the seminary?


Yes, at times it was, but that's because most changes come with difficulties.  I enjoyed my life at work, but when you feel like God is calling you to something else, it is best to abandon yourself into His will.  Seminary can be tough, with lots of reading and writing, but it is completely worth it.  Learning about Christ and His Church full time is such a blessing.  It is an adjustment from working, but once you get acclimated to school life again, it's a pretty good life.


Do you have to become a priest if you go to the seminary? 


The seminary is a house of discernment. Everyone from the Archbishop on down reminds us this is our time to discern - in the best location and manner the Church knows how - what God is calling us to do. The majority of men do become ordained, but some also discern a different calling.

Everyone there seems so holy, I wouldn't fit in at all.

Get to know some of us. We all take very seriously the universal call to holiness, and strive for it everyday, but we also know not to take ourselves too seriously. None of us are perfect, and our imperfections give us opportunities for forgiveness and growth in humility.


Why aren't there more FAQs?


We plan to add even more questions, so please check back again.


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