Deacon Mark Ostrowski



February 29






St Joseph, Topeka

High School:

Home School


Benedictine College - Theology and History


 Kenrick Glennon

Year in Seminary:

Theology IV

Favorite Saint:

Not fair! Only one? If you pressed me, St. John Vianney would be very high up. He really loved his flock, and gave so much of himself.

My advice to men considering the priesthood: Running won’t do you any good! I ran cross-country in college, but it doesn’t help you run away from the seminary any better. If God is persistent, it’s a sign that you need to listen and give Him a chance. I would also reiterate what countless laymen have told me, namely that they never regretted going to seminary, and that it was a great experience for them. 

Why I want to be a Priest: I have always wanted to serve God’s people, and consequently especially love the Good Shepherd parable. When I need to be re-energized I simply talk to people in the diocese, those who I will someday serve, and hope to lay down my life for. I want to help them, in whatever way I can, and I feel that God has put this on my heart since I was young. One of my greatest inspirations is Fr. Michael McGivney, who was truly a priest for the people. 

Hobbies & Interests: Sacred music, the Royals, soccer, historical fiction, tennis, learning French, football, good grammar, and the Royals. 

Influence: My parents, Fr. Valentine Young, FOCUS men, Jaime Zarse and Carl Baker, my FOCUS donors, and various other priests




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